The New Office 2007 File Formats

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Office 2007 is due to be released sometimes on 2007. Office 2007 will have two major changes to the office file format. For the first time Microsoft will have file extensions with more than 3 characters, but more importantly it will move from the well know .doc, .xls and .ppt file extensions for the popular Office documents.

Office 2007 will have a new, XML-based file format for Microsoft Word 2007, Microsoft Office Excel 2007 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. The New file formats will be the default file formats for Office 2007 but they will also be backward compatible to Microsoft Office 2000 using Office 2007 Compatibility Mode.

Here are the new file formats

Word 2007 Supported File Formats

  • Word Document (.docx) - Default format
  • Word Macro-enabled Document (.docm)
  • Word Template (.dotx)
  • Word Macro-enabled Document Template (.dotm)

Excel 2007 Supported File Formats

  • Excel Workbook (.xlsx) - Default format
  • Excel Macro-enabled Workbook (.xlsm)
  • Excel Template (.xltx)
  • Excel Macro-enabled Workbook Template (.xltm)
  • Excel Binary Workbook (.xlsb)
  • Excel Add-in (.xlam)

PowerPoint 2007 Supported File Formats

  • PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) - Default format
  • PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation (.pptm)
  • PowerPoint Slide Show (.ppsx)
  • PowerPoint Macro-enabled Slide Show (.ppsx)
  • PowerPoint Template (.potx)
  • PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation Template (.potm)
  • PowerPoint Add-in (.ppam)

Not all file formats will be backward compatible only the following formats will be backward compatible down to Office 2000.

  • Word Document (.docx)
  • Word Macro-enabled Document (.docm)
  • Excel Workbook (.xlsx)
  • Excel Macro-enabled Workbook (.xlsm)
  • Excel Template (.xltx)
  • Excel Macro-enabled Template (.xltm)
  • Excel binary Workbook (.xlsb)
  • Excel Add-in (.xlam)
  • PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)
  • PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation (.pptm)
  • PowerPoint Slide Show (.ppsx)
  • PowerPoint Macro-enabled Slide Show (.ppsm)
  • PowerPoint Template (.potx)
  • PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation Template (.potm)

Office 2007 will also support export to PDF (ver 1.5 which is compatible with Acrobat version 6) and XPS . XPS will support rights management for secure document managements, PDF export will not support rights management.

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27 Responses to “The New Office 2007 File Formats”

  1. man Says:

    tell them add PDF and SWF

  2. Jug Says:

    “tell them add PDF and SWF”

    Read again…
    “Office 2007 will also support export to PDF ”

    And SWF? It’s an office suite, dude.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    by swf he is referring to powerpoint presentations. i think corel can do this. it’s a useful feature

  4. james brown Says:

    14 file formats … come on !!! Windows team can’t pull it together and now neither can office.

    BTW Apple has a presentation program called keynote, can export to swf, quciktime, power point, PDF and direct to several standard image formats.

  5. Rod Shuffler Says:

    “And SWF? It’s an office suite, dude.”

    But where is the Dolby 5.1 that Microsoft wanted to include in Office??


    Located on Microsoft’s Redmond campus, the center sports a main room with several desks, each with a different configuration of monitors. It’s dark and hushed — except for the Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound booming out from concealed speakers and whooshing, “Star Wars” noises emitted whenever new information comes onscreen or is e-mailed away.

    “Surround sound is going to be increasingly important in future offices,” says group marketing manager Tom Gruver in leading a tour of the new facility.

  6. hoberto Says:

    “The New file formats will be the default file formats for Office 2007 but they will also be backward compatible to Microsoft Office 2000 using Office 2007 Compatibility Mode.”

    But Office 2000 doesn’t have a Office 2007 Compatibility mode

  7. Christoffer Says:

    “But Office 2000 doesn’t have a Office 2007 Compatibility mode”

    No, not now, but they just might release an update/patch for Office 2000 that includes such a thing.

  8. km Says:

    adding some features like convertion file to PDF.. more similar like openoffice

  9. trimidium Says:

    changing the default extensions will just annoy people who take things to-from work.

    i mean can it be saved in word97 format still?

    Somebody should market open office and stick it on store shelves for $5 bucks right next to ms office, and have the cover say it’s fully compatable with all office programs and has all the useful features.

  10. James Says:

    Yeah I have the beat versions, you can change the default file extension so when you save it it still saves to the .doc that everyone knows and loves. And although the previous (back to Office 2000) versions don’t have a ’support’ option, they should still be able to open the documents, etc. The interface has changed completely, will probably be easier than before when (if) I ever get used to it!

  11. Rob Says:

    What I want to know is… how are scripting and templates going to work (for Word)? I’ve never used either before, but need to learn, and I might as well learn for the “new version” that’s coming out.

    Any book recommendations?

  12. MOUNTASSIR Ismail Says:

    Please, I want to know how to put SWF files on a powerpoint 2007 presentation (pptx)

  13. Badal Says:

    Pls let me know whether there is a converter for the *.docx file to convert it to *.doc.

    Thank you..

  14. John Says:

    This might be of interest for those of you who want to deploy the Office 2007 Compatibility Pack throughout a network.
    I found out a rather interesting solution to this purpose:


  15. James Says:

    To convert docx, pptx, and xlsx to doc, ppt and xls:

    Open your 2007 docx/pptx/xlsx with office 2007

    click on the office icon at the top left.

    select Save As, then select 97-2003.

    Very annoying, caused a ton of confusion and unnecessary panic while I was working from home with people in the office.

    Hope this helps.

  16. Rezo Says:

    My Office 2007 Beta expired yesterday. Unfortunately, I had saved an Excel file in .xlsx format and now I can’t edit it. Excel 2003 doesn’t recognize the file, Excel 2007 refuses to save it as another format (it’s completely blocked after the expiration). So what should I do now? Any ideas?

  17. Carole Says:

    My Office 2007 Beta expired. I saved everything as .docx, as with previous writers cannot access/edit/save as another format. After several attempts at changing file extensions, I removed this Beta vs from my computer. Any chance at being able to open this files now? Unviversity student in distress! Any help would be greatly appreciated, ASAP ofcourse!

  18. Rezo Says:

    Carole, here’s what I found out:

    If you had installed Beta 2, you need to download Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats. It will convert those new formats into the old ones without having to install Office 2007.

    Unfortunately, it seems to fail with Beta 1 files, but it should do OK with Beta 2 files.

    Here’s the Microsoft’s page, where you can download this converter:


  19. Carole Says:

    Rezo, that was quick! Thanks so much for your help and the link. It’s much appreciated. I’m sure it well help others too.

    Aviran’s Place, right place, right time, thanks!

  20. Dag Says:

    You can use the office compatibility pack from Microsoft. Ff you don’t have time to install it you can convert .docx to .doc on http://www.docx2doc.com for free. It’s a 1-2-3 process and in 30 seconds (max) you’ll have your document in the desired format…

  21. Komeh Says:

    I’m in same boat as Carole except my file was Beta 1 so the converter download isn’t working. Anyone know of a solution?
    I’ll take any format so long as the data isn’t lost. It was my class reunion contact list - doh!

  22. Shafenator Says:

    here you go

  23. Artem Says:

    At least, it will be used XML format. Somebody will have a good opportunity to work better with it

  24. Funnybroad Says:

    There are a lot of reasons why everyone is so confused about “[Compatibility Mode]”, and here they are: http://www.slideshare.net/funnybroad/office-2007-compatibility-mode-confusion/

  25. dab Says:

    OK can someone answer this.

    When I’m saving a old fileformat excel spreadsheet it saves it as XLS, but it alwasy shows “compatibility mode” in the titlebar. I have since saved the file in the new format, but because I use macros in the spreadsheet. I cannot save it into the XLSX, instead I get forced to save it in XLSM to keep my macros, thats fine but the thing I don’t like is my file icon now appears with an “exclamation mark” making it look like a roughe file or virus file etc. How can I switch this off?

  26. rowan Says:

    did you ever get an answer about that. I find that extremely annoying too.

  27. Jeremy Says:

    Some effects of old are not supported in the new format ..

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