Firefox Released

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Mozilla.org released an update for the open source browser, Firefox. Firefox is a security update which fixes several security flaws and improves stability.

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Microsoft to offer premium Exchange license for its Exchange

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Microsoft Corp. will offer a premium license for the upcoming version of its Exchange e-mail server that will let users do things like retrieve voice mails from their e-mail inboxes or give their computer a voice command to check their calendar or alert co-workers they’re going to be late for a meeting.

The “enterprise” version of the licenses a company buys for each user on its system will cost extra, but Dave Thompson, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Exchange group, said Thursday that the company is not yet saying how much.

Source: AP

AMD to launch new laptop chip

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Advanced Micro Devices Inc. on Thursday unveiled a new chip for laptop computers and said it expects to be able to supply one third of the market for computer micro-processors by 2008, signs the company hopes to challenge Intel Corp.’s dominance.

The announcement comes as investors and analysts are keen to see how No. 2 chipmaker AMD, which has grabbed market share from Intel over the past year, will respond to a new line-up of chips being rolled out by its larger rival.

Source: Reuters

AMD Announces Dual-Socket, Dual-Core ‘4×4′ Platform

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Advanced Micro Devices is expected to announce a new dual-core, dual-processor platform later Thursday, in an attempt to roll over the competition in the enthusiast computing space.

Dubbed “4×4″, the new enthusiast platform will debut at AMD’s Technology Day in its headquarters in Sunnyvale, Calif. Two Taiwan ODM system makers will launch 4×4 systems beginning in the second half of 2006, AMD executives said.

Source: extremetech

Opera Mobile Browser Out Of Beta

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Opera Software has taken its browser for Windows Mobile out of beta and stuck a US$24 price tag on the software. Users can try out the software for 30 days free. The new version, 8.6 for Windows Mobile takes full advantage of the larger screen and higher resolution of Pocket PC devices by offering tabbed browsing and surfing in horizontal landscape mode.
Based on Opera’s newest core code the browser runs on Windows Mobile 5 and 2003 SE.

Source: mobilised

AOL e-mail service delayed over software problem

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Internet service AOL said on Thursday that its e-mail service had been held up by a software problem, delaying millions of e-mails since the late morning.

Many AOL members were unable to send or receive new e-mails since 11.00 a.m. EST. AOL said it was investigating.

Source: Reuters

Symantec to keep watch over Web transactions

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Symantec is readying a new security product designed to protect consumers as they do business online.

The software, called Norton Confidential, will offer a shield against phishing Web sites and malicious software that try to steal sensitive data. Additionally, it will identify trustworthy Web sites and help users manage login names, passwords, credit card numbers and other information used in online transactions, a Symantec executive said Wednesday.

Source: zdnet

Google Toolbar Updated

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Google updated their ever popular toolbar for Firefox and IE.

With the new toolbar when you start typing in the Toolbar’s search box, relevant bookmarks that you’ve saved with the Toolbar will display in the list of suggestions.

Also new with the beta toolbar (IE only) is the ability to add buttons to the Toolbar to search your favorite sites, Bookmark frequently visited pages and access them from anywhere and Share web pages via blog, email, or SMS

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Verizon Launches FiOS TV Widgets

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Following the successful rollout of Verizon FiOS TV, Verizon is adding an interactive weather and traffic feature to complement its popular fiber-optic television service. Called FiOS TV Widgets, the service is available at no additional cost to customers with a set-top box, and is the first of several product enhancements that will let subscribers control and share entertainment and information throughout the home.

Later this year, Verizon will add a multi-room digital video recorder and a feature that lets customers access PC-based photos and music on their televisions. Additional new services are planned for 2007.

FiOS TV Widgets supplies one-touch, on-demand access to real-time local weather and traffic information. Subscribers use their remote control to display text-based weather and traffic on their TV screens without interrupting the program they are watching.

New spyware program blackmails computer users

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A new spyware program that lures computer users by claiming to give free access to pornographic Web content ends up by “blackmailing” them into purchasing a program to clean the infection, a security firm said.

US-based Panda Software said the program called DigiKeyGen generates passwords that supposedly enable users to access to pornographic websites.

At the same time, a spyware program and an alleged anti-spyware application are installed on a computer without the users’ knowledge, Panda said.

It then warns users that their computer is infected and offers them an anti-spyware program to clean the system for 50 dollars.

Source: AFP

Oracle to Buy Demantra

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Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) today announced that it will expand its supply chain planning applications with the acquisition of Demantra, a leading provider of demand-driven planning solutions.

Leveraging powerful analytics and collaboration capabilities, Demantra offers solutions for demand management, sales and operations planning, and trade promotion planning and optimization

Red Hat Goes All Out for Developers

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Red Hat CEO Matthew Szulik introduced the company’s new open-source developer community Web site, “108,” in the show’s morning meetings.

This new site is intended to help open source developers share resources; build and fetch code; find and meet other developers, interact with them; and collaborate with them.

Source: eWeek

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