RIM sees more government, military users

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Blackberry handheld devices are getting the nod from more government and military users, helping Research In Motion win even more credibility in the corporate sector, the company’s co-chief executive said on Monday.

RIM Co-Chief Executive Mike Lazaridis said the company has at least six military or government certifications awaiting approval. Already Blackberrys, the devices that combine telephone and e-mail use, are certified for some restricted data use in the United States, Britain, Australia and Canada, among other countries, he said.

Source: Reuters

New Microsoft E-Mail Client Gets Ads

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Microsoft is embedding advertising in its new e-mail client software known as Windows Live Mail Desktop, the company disclosed late Friday. The feature, known as Active Search, will display text links based on a message’s content, much like Google does with its Gmail service on the Web.

Source: BetaNews

LCDs to overtake tube TVs in 2009

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LCD TVs will be the most popular kind of TVs in the world by 2009, according to a new analyst report, meaning they will reach that status much faster than anticipated, thanks to rising sales and better manufacturing.

Consumers are picking up LCD TVs, which are based around the same technology found in notebook screens, at a faster rate than expected, according to iSuppli. This year, shipments of these TVs will rise by 74 percent to 46.7 million units, the firm said. A few months ago, iSuppli only expected 41.9 million units to ship this year.

If the trend continues, LCDs will account for 48 percent of TVs shipped in 2009, while CRTs will only account for 42 percent. By 2010, LCDs will account for 56 percent of TVs shipped. Meanwhile, sales of projection TVs and plasmas will remain a somewhat small part of the overall market. Projection TVs will account for 3 percent of the market by 2009, the same as it does now, while plasma will climb from 3 percent to 7 percent.

Source: News.com

Google to Introduce Spreadsheet Program

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Google Inc. will introduce a spreadsheet program Tuesday, continuing the Internet search leader’s expansion into territory long dominated by Microsoft Corp.

Although it’s still considered a work in progress, Google’s online spreadsheet will offer consumers and businesses a free alternative to Microsoft’s Excel application - a product typically sold as part of the Office software suite that has been a steady moneymaker for years.

To avoid swamping the company’s computers, Google’s spreadsheet initially will be distributed to a limited audience. Google also wants more time to smooth out any possible kinks and develop more features, said Jonathan Rochelle, the product manager of the new application.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company planned to begin accepting sign-ups for the spreadsheet at 9 a.m. EDT Tuesday through the “labs” section of its Web site. Rochelle wouldn’t specify how many people will be granted access to the spreadsheet application.

Source: AP

Intel to Launch Chip Offensive

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Intel is gearing up for its most important product launch since the introduction of the original Pentium processor, a top executive said today.

Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s sales and marketing group, will introduce a series of new dual-core chips on Tuesday, including models tailored for desktop PCs, notebooks, and servers, that offer significant performance gains.

For example, the Merom mobile processor, which will be unveiled Tuesday, offers a 20-percent increase in performance over Intel’s Core Duo mobile processors when they are run at the same clock speed.

Source: PCWorld

Zone Labs Updates ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite

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Version 6.5 of the ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite, released today, includes some significant advances, like a new online Identity Protection Center to help users avoid or recover from identity theft.

Most notable advances is the inauguration of a new online Identity Protection Center to help users avoid or recover from identity theft. A new Game Mode prevents scans and alerts from disrupting online gaming without sacrificing security. The product now tracks more distinct spyware threats, gets signature updates more frequently, and includes a new Spy Site Blocking feature to prevent access (accidental or malicious) to known spyware sites. And the developers keep working to make the high-powered firewall even better.

Source: ABC

Toshiba Claims Highest-Density Hard Drive

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Toshiba today released a 2.5-inch, double-platter hard drive that it said features the highest density yet of any such component.

This density surpasses the current record, which Toshiba also holds, at 133 gigabits per square inch.

The drive itself is designed to hold 200GB.

Source: PCWorld

New ad-supported P2P music service signs up EMI

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EMI Group said on Monday it would make its music catalog available to the first advertising supported peer-to-peer service as the entertainment industry embraces the same technology that once nearly crippled it.

The new service called Qtrax, developed by New York-based LTDnetwork and slated for launch later this year, will give consumers the ability to download music for free after watching ads, or the option of paying for a premium subscription version.

Source: Reuters

Finjan Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Security Companies

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Finjan Software, Ltd., announced that it has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Secure Computing and its subsidiaries CyberGuard and Webwasher. The lawsuit claims that the three companies are infringing Finjan’s intellectual property (U.S. Patents No. 6092194, 6154844, 6167520, 6480962, 6209103, 6298446, 6353892, 6804780, 6922693, 6944822, 6993662, 6965968). The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware, seeks an injunction against Secure Computing, CyberGuard and Webwasher from continued sales of the Webwasher Secure Content Management software suite, and for damages for their willful infringement of Finjan’s intellectual property.

Last year, Microsoft purchased a non-exclusive worldwide license for selected Finjan patents covering computer security technologies and became a shareholder in the company.

HP cuts back on telecommuting

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Hewlett-Packard, the Silicon Valley company known for pioneering flexible work arrangements four decades ago, is canceling telecommuting for a key division of the company.

While other companies nationwide are pushing more employees to work from home to cut office costs, HP believes bringing its information-technology employees together in the office will make them swifter and smarter.

Source: mercurynews

Major spammer settles suit for $1 million

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A major spammer who was accused of sending up to 25 million e-mails per day has settled a lawsuit with Microsoft and the state of Texas.

The settlement has cost Ryan Pitylak $1 million, as well as the seizure of many of the assets he accumulated during a short-lived career as one of the world’s worst spammers.

Source: News.com

IBM tightens up Rational ‘team’ tools

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IBM this month will release an upgrade to its Rational tools designed to give development teams more control and better oversight.

At the Rational Software Develompent Conference on Tuesday, Team, IBM announced enhancements due later this month in IBM Rational version 7 Team, a suite of products for collaborative development.

With the changes, different people in the development process can more easily centralize and share information, said Roger Oberg, vice president of marketing and strategy at IBM Rational.

Source: News.com

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