New Credit Cards With Password

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Los Angeles-based Innovative Card Technologies, or InCard, has found a way to build a display, battery and password-generating chip into a card, such as a credit card. The technology competes with tokens, such as those sold by RSA Security, Vasco and VeriSign.

“We took a form factor that was awkward and fat and miniaturized it,” Alan Finkelstein, InCard’s chief executive officer, said in an interview. “The current tokens are clumsy and can only do one thing well, issue the one-time password. Our card can be your credit card, your employee ID card and give you access to buildings.”

Just like the tokens, the card, called a DisplayCard, generates passwords that can be used to validate online logins or transactions, for example when banking online. The cards offer an extra level of security, in addition to the traditional login name and password.

Source: News.com


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