Apple claims legal right to the word ‘Pod’

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Apple has laid legal claim to the word “Pod,” arguing that other companies that use the word as part of their product names risk infringing the trademark of its popular iPod music player.

The legal campaign, which in recent days has drawn challenges to products with names such as Profit Pod and TightPod, reflects a broader attempt by some of the most successful consumer technology companies to prevent their best-known product names slipping into common usage beyond their control.

Dave Ellison, whose company, Mach5Products, makes the Profit Pod, said he received trademark recognition for his product name in the US, and that he and his wife, Carolee, had thought up the name around five years ago, before they had heard of the iPod, which was introduced in 2001.

Google also is fighting the use of the verb google, but unlike Google, Apple is trying to stop companies from using a generic word.

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Source: FT.com


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