British police arrest two over Web scams

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British police arrested a man and woman in London on Saturday as part of a wide-ranging investigation into holiday Web site fraud that has left nearly 3,000 people out of pocket.

The woman in her thirties, and the man in his 60s, were detained at separate addresses in London and are being questioned by fraud squad officers, the Metropolitan Police said.

The fake Web sites; sunmedresorts.com, unbeatableholidays.com, holidaydaysforunder200pounds.com, holidayrez.com and holidayez.com were all used in the con.

The fraud worked by enticing people to buy non-existent holidays and then disappearing with the cash.

Source: Reuters

Online Music Holdouts Give in to ITunes

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Bob Seger turned the page, and Metallica finally found justice for online fans. Now, only a few remaining big-name musical acts refuse to make their songs available on Apple Computer’s popular iTunes Music Store.

Analysts say the online holdouts - including the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Garth Brooks, Radiohead and Kid Rock - probably can’t avoid iTunes forever as fans flock to the Internet to buy music.

Source: AP

Mobile breakthrough doubles chip speed

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Engineers at the University of Southampton have developed technology to double the speed of chips commonly used in mobile devices.

The scientists have managed to boost speed for bipolar transistors to 110GHz, twice as fast as current records.

Source: vnunet.com

Is this the new Amazon video store?

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People were snatching early glimpses of what may be Amazon.com’s new video store on Friday, after a former employee posted screenshots of the store on his blog.

Web pages that first surfaced at Kokogiak.com, titled “Amazon Digital Video” seem to indicate that the company’s new store will provide support for Windows-enabled handheld devices, offer movies that customers can buy or rent, and require a software download before watching films.

CNET News.com was unable to confirm for certain that the screenshots are of a real Amazon store. When asked whether the video store found on the Web was legitimate, an Amazon representative issued an e-mail response: “We don’t talk about what we might or might not do in the future.”

Source: ZDNet

IBM welcomes Swiss court’s Holocaust ruling

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IBM welcomed a ruling by Switzerland’s supreme court that rejected a bid to sue the US computing giant for allegedly abetting the Nazi genocides of World War II.

The ruling spelt the end of a long legal battle by Gypsy International Recognition and Compensation Action, which claimed IBM’s punch-card machines enabled the Nazis to boost the efficiency of their killing operations.

The supreme court said too much time had elapsed under Switzerland’s statute of limitations since the alleged crimes.

Source: AFP

UK to get first city with high-speed WiMax coverage

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A British city known for its concrete cows is set to become one of the most technologically advanced in Britain after it said it would to be the first UK town to boast a high-speed WiMax wireless broadband network.

Telecoms firm Pipex, in a joint venture with chip maker Intel, is to blanket parts of Milton Keynes with WiMax, a medium-range sibling of the popular Wi-Fi technology covering kilometres rather than metres. Both use radio frequency rather than conventional wires to beam the Internet.

A source close to Pipex told Reuters the company would announce the launch of its plans in around four weeks.

Source: Reuters

French firms target eBay in anti-counterfeit drive

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A French industry group plans to file a complaint with prosecutors seeking damages from eBay Inc. and other Internet auction sites for the sale of counterfeit products on their Web pages, the group’s chairman said.

Marc Antoine Jamet, chairman of France’s Union of Manufacturers (Unifab), told Reuters that the complaint, due to be filed next month, also aims at forcing the sites to clamp down on product pirates.

“There is a continent which makes the fakes, which is China, and there is a continent where they are sold, and that is the Internet,” he said.

Other auction sites in the firing line include those run by privately held iOffer.com, Yahoo Inc. and Japan’s Rakuten Inc..

Source: Reuters

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