What Vista Brings To The Table

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For small businesses
By focusing on the tasks and outcomes that small businesses want to accomplish, rather than just the individual technologies, Microsoft hopes to bring unique value to customers.

Data Back-up & Security
For small businesses, data backup and security are considered top-tier IT concerns. Vista will help small-business customers more effectively safeguard their networks and protect confidential information.

  • The Windows Vista operating system includes enhanced security and data protection features, all of which have been thoroughly tested for reliability and both hardware and software compatibility.
  • New data backup functionality provides customers with the confidence and reliability that they need to save and secure business-critical data.
  • File and folder synchronization makes it easier for small businesses to connect to partner devices, settings, existing programs, and data.

Mobility & Collaboration
Today, small-business employees and owners are moving toward remote work situations and need to access information, collaborate with others, and exchange data from a variety of locations.

  • Enhanced Internet file sharing provides small businesses with the ability to safely share materials with customers and partners over the Web.
  • Stay connected to your other computers via new Remote Access features and available wireless networks.
  • Easily update and synch critical business information from multiple devices such as laptops, phones, or PDAs using the Windows Sync Center.
  • Increase the capacity to prevent security breaches with Windows Defender.

Sales & Marketing
New features in the Windows Vista operating system along with critical partner solutions help small businesses respond to potential business opportunities more quickly and stay connected to important customers and partners for improved relationships.

  • Enhanced Windows Search enables employees to instantly find customer data by searching for a keyword or tag anywhere in the operating system.
  • With Windows Vista and sales management applications, you can acquire new and existing customer information, generate sales, and maintain records of sales transactions.
  • Core integration with leading customer relationship management (CRM) applications and mobile devices allow workers to always have complete and up-to-date information at their fingertips.
  • Windows Meeting Space enables small businesses to communicate, collaborate, and share presentations with customers and partners over an ad-hoc wired or wireless network.

Financial Management
When enabled and enhanced by a third party solutions, Windows Vista will help small-business customers have the tools they need to make financial transactions and activities more manageable, more secure, and easier to back up.

  • Simplified networking and synchronization manager makes it easier for small businesses to share financial information with relevant parties and help streamline core business processes.
  • The Windows Vista operating system makes it easier to visualize and analyze financial data through charts and graphs using the power of the Windows Presentation Foundation and financial management applications.
  • Business information can be integrated within Windows Vista, using tools such as payment services, to simplify how data is accessed, shared, reviewed, and filed both internally as well as externally with customers and partners.

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2 Responses to “What Vista Brings To The Table”

  1. alex_t Says:

    This list is incomplete and filled with marketing speak - check Wikipedia for (almost) complete one:

  2. Artem Says:

    I heard, that Vista will have two user formats: one like XP, and another - video format. Is it true?

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