What Vista Brings To The Table

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For enterprise and midsize businesses
By focusing on the tasks and outcomes that enterprise and midsize businesses want to accomplish, rather than just the individual technologies, the Windows Vista Premium brings value to businesses in these areas.

Optimize Your Desktop Infrastructure
As demands on infrastructure continue to increase, businesses need a robust set of tools and capabilities to effectively manage their desktop and mobile PCs. Windows Vista capabilities help reduce the cost and complexity of operating system deployment, ongoing desktop management, and security.

  • Enhanced group policy provides granular control over key areas such as power settings, USB devices, and wireless network policies.
  • User-account control prompts require users to provide administration credentials when performing an administrative task, such as installing software or drivers.
  • Built-in performance self-tuning and diagnostics can self-correct many performance issues, and improved remote assistance helps support-center personnel resolve problems more quickly, even over low-bandwidth networks.

Enable Your Mobile Workforce
The Windows Vista operating system enables mobile professionals to easily and more securely connect to information, networks, and people.

  • New hard drive encryption technology in Windows Vista protects your vital data from theft.
  • Enhanced mobility features allow small groups to share presentations, applications, and files without the need for a corporate network, while simplified wireless network configuration settings and data synchronization allow faster data transfer for connected devices and remote data sources.
  • With enhanced deployment capabilities, a single image can be deployed across multiple mobile PC hardware configurations and languages, reducing time and complexities.

Improve Security & Compliance
Windows Vista minimize threats and vulnerabilities, support identity management and access control to information, and protect corporate intellectual property and customer data.

  • The enhanced update and patch process delivered Windows Server Update Services and restart manager helps to install updates and patches more efficiently and with fewer reboots.
  • Windows Vista offers better control for removable storage devices with group policy support.
  • The enhanced Event Logger provides an extensible markup language (XML) messaging framework that can be used to audit all modifications to files and systems.

Find & Use Information
The Find & Use Information is a broad set of capabilities aimed at improving user productivity when searching for, organizing, and delivering information.

  • With the Windows Vista instant search and reading pane, users can search across all file types and contents, and browse the entire contents of the file from within the file explorer.
  • Live icons display the actual first page of documents while the reading pane allows browsing of the file contents without opening the application.
  • Quickly synchronize data over low-bandwidth connections with background sync and delta sync, and use a single interface for all connected devices through Sync Center.
  • Improved roaming user profiles and folder redirection capabilities provide secure and consistent data access from any PC on the network.

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2 Responses to “What Vista Brings To The Table”

  1. alex_t Says:

    This list is incomplete and filled with marketing speak - check Wikipedia for (almost) complete one:

  2. Artem Says:

    I heard, that Vista will have two user formats: one like XP, and another - video format. Is it true?

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