AllPeers set to launch new

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Last December, I wrote about a team that was constructing a plugin for Firefox called AllPeers. Claiming that their product would be “The best thing to happen to Firefox… since Firefox,” the AllPeers plugin promised to make file sharing between friends easy and efficient. At the same time, supporters of the service proclaimed that it would protect its users from lawsuits from the RIAA and MPAA due to its darknet architecture.

Now, after many months of development, AllPeers is finally ready to unveil its technology to the world. The application is scheduled to be released later today, albeit in beta form. According to the AllPeers CEO and project leader, Cedric Maloux, the plugin represents more than 200,000 lines of C and JavaScript code.

Source: arstechnica

TiVo teams up with Cox

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Digital video recorder maker TiVo said Thursday that it will provide its DVR software and interactive advertising service to cable provider Cox Communications.

TiVo will customize its software and download it onto existing Cox DVR set-top boxes, which will allow Cox to deliver the TiVo service in Cox subscriber homes without replacing existing DVR boxes. The software will integrate several TiVo features, such as its user interface, Season Pass recordings, WishList searches and the TiVo KidZone, with Cox’s own features such as its on-demand and high-definition service.

Source: News.com

Apple recalls 1.8 million Sony batteries

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Apple Computer Inc. on Thursday recalled 1.8 million Sony-built laptop batteries that could overheat and catch fire.

Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple has received nine reports of batteries overheating, including two consumers who received minor burns after handling overheated computers. Apple has also received reports of minor property damage, but no serious injuries have been reported.

Apple is asking consumers to check a Web site to determine whether they have a recalled battery.

Source: AP

Four New File sharing Services Compared

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A new crop of services has popped up recently to make it much easier to share files with a private network of friends and other trusted people. Allpeers, Zapr, Pando and Exaroom are all fairly recent entrants.

Techcrunch brings a review of the four new file sharing networks.

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Microsoft Released IE7 RC1

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Microsoft released today almost a final version of the web browser, Internet Explorer 7.

Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1 is available for download at http://www.microsoft.com/ie

AOL Video Launches Digital Movie Downloads

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AOL announced partnerships with 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group that will offer consumers downloadable movies through the AOL Video portal.

These new partnerships complement the more than 17 video content partnerships and more than 45 on-demand channels that AOL Video announced in July. Available to anyone on the Web at the AOL Video portal is a one-stop, entertainment destination to find, watch and share millions of free streaming and pay-to-download video content from across the Web, broadcast and cable television, and movies.

Through AOL Video, popular movie titles - from recent DVD releases to a large selection of movies representing all genres - from 20th Century Fox, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group will be available for purchase and download with prices ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 per movie. Once downloaded, movies can be viewed offline as well as on other PCs and compatible portable devices.

Why home firewall software is a leaky dike

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A recent test in the Munich-based computer magazine PC Professionell showed that the software often causes more problems than it solves. Not one of the six firewall programs the magazine tested, regardless of whether commercial or freeware, could prevent all attempts from the test programs at establishing outgoing connections between the PC and the internet.

Many firewalls were even quickly switched off within the simulation. In the most serious cases, damaging software was able to circumvent the firewall in sending sensitive data, from personal surfing histories to passwords and credit-card numbers, to the hacker.

“It’s dangerous to view a firewall as some sort of PC airbag,” warns Professor Stefan Wolf, who teaches applied computer sciences at the Polytechnic University of Lippe and Hoexter, Germany.

Source: Mail & Guardian Online

Apple unable to meet rising MacBook demand

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Apple Computer is once again facing a problem that it has become all too familiar with — not enough supply of its most popular products to meet growing demand.

In particular, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company this month is reportedly struggling to fill orders for its consumer-oriented MacBook notebooks, which are arguably its most popular new product of the year.

Weighing on the Mac maker is the back-to-school shopping bonanza, a potentially lucrative period each year in which student buyers willingly plunk down chunks of cash for the latest computer systems before the start of fall classes.

This year, Apple’s MacBooks are being billed as a hot ticket, but the company (or one of its component suppliers) has seemingly underestimated demand. Many customers who were expecting to receive previously-placed orders for the 13-inch Intel notebooks by this week got something else instead — an apology letter from Apple stating that it would be unable to fill orders within the timeframe it had promised.

Source: AppleInsider

Canon to launch entry-level digital SLR camera

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Canon Inc. unveiled a new digital single-lens reflex camera on Thursday that undercut the price of a similar model sold by Sony Corp. in the market for photo enthusiasts.

Canon, the world’s top digital camera maker, said it would launch the new entry-level SLR camera globally in September with plans to produce 180,000 units per month. The camera body is priced at about 90,000 yen ($775).

The camera, named EOS Kiss Digital X in Japan and Rebel XTi in the United States, will be equipped with a sensor capable of 10.1 megapixels of resolution.

Source: Reuters

MP3tunes Launches Free Full-Featured Music Locker

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MP3tunes today announces the launch of Oboe Free, the first full-featured music locker with free online music storage. Featuring unlimited high-quality music streaming, Oboe Free gives music lovers access to their own music collection on any computer or device. With free space for users to keep their favorite music and playlists, Oboe Free holds up to 1000 songs. Providing much more than simple online storage, Oboe Free is also accessible for listening and syncing through a growing number of Internet-capable devices and services.

In contrast to other services that restrict listening with daily and monthly download limits, there are no limits to listening or downloading with an Oboe Free Locker. Oboe Free includes a full-featured web interface from which users can enjoy their music or playlists, making it ideal for listening at work or school. The Oboe Locker comes with Oboe Sync software, enabling easy syncing of music from a user’s computer to their Locker.

In addition to Oboe Free, MP3tunes also offers two other versions of the Oboe Locker with more storage and features designed for music fans: Oboe Premium features unlimited music storage and accommodates much larger size song files for $39.95 per year. Oboe Basic features twice the storage capacity of Oboe Free for $19.95 per year. All levels of Oboe include unlimited user Sideloading, moving free music available on the web to a Locker.

The Oboe Locker is compatible with most music file formats including .mp3, .wma (Windows Media), .aac (iTunes) and .ogg. A user-friendly interface displays artists, albums, tracks and playlists that can be streamed at 192 kbps. A sophisticated music manager built using Ajax technologies makes it possible to pause, skip, repeat tracks, shuffle, create playlists, label music and control volume all directly within the Web page without requiring any software be installed.

MySpace founder adds China to friends list

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A founder of MySpace who objected to the popular site’s $580 million sale to News Corp. has trained his sights on China.

Brad Greenspan said Wednesday that he founded BroadWebAsia, which has in turn taken stakes in 20 Chinese Internet companies that focus on entertainment and — like MySpace — social networking.

Source: AP

Microsoft to Offer Wireless Accessories for Xbox 360

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With the next-generation console battle about to heat up for the holidays, Microsoft Corp. is hoping that going wireless will help draw in consumers to its Xbox 360 system.

The company announced wireless accessories Wednesday at the 2007 Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. The new products include a camera for video chat and a racing wheel for driving video games.

Source: AP

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