Researchers Develops Revolutionary Video-Display Technology

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Researchers have developed a video-display technology that can produce an unlimited range of colors by flexing tiny artificial “muscles” that generate different shades by expanding and contracting in response to electricity.

The flexible material allows individual pixels - the dots that make up an image on a screen - to display “every single natural color,” said Manuel Aschwanden, a project researcher and nanotechnology specialist at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.

By contrast, conventional displays rely on ever smaller pixels that trick the eye into seeing a color that is in fact mixed from the three basic colors red, green and blue.

It also promises to significantly increase the screen resolution of conventional computer monitors.

“At the moment most screens achieve three to four pixels per millimeter (75-100 dots per inch). If you look closely enough at the current screens, you can still see the individual pixels. Our system can achieve 16 pixels per millimeter (400 dpi).”

Source: AP


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