Netflix Launches ‘Previews’, A Personalized Movie Trailers

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Netflix, Inc. introduced a new Web site feature called “Previews” that enables Netflix members to instantly watch movie trailers that have been personalized for them based on their movie tastes.

The new “Previews” section consolidates all of Netflix’s movie trailers in one area on the Web site, just one click away from the member home page.

Netflix’s recommendation software chooses the trailers and the order in which they are shown based on individual members’ movie rental and movie rating histories at Netflix.

The previews run sequentially and without interruption. “Netflix ‘Previews’ is like every viewer in a movie theater seeing a different series of trailers based on their personal tastes,” said Netflix Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt. “But it’s easier because you’re watching the previews on your own computer screen, wherever you want, on your own time.”

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