Microsoft Pledges To Continue IE6 Support

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Support for the five-year-old Internet Explorer 6 browser won’t vanish overnight when the new IE 7 debuts later this year, Microsoft assured users on Thursday.

Security updates for the older IE will continue to be produced and released, said Christopher Vaughan, a lead program manager for the browser team, in a blog entry.

“IE 6 SP1’s [Service Pack 1] support policy will not change when IE 7 ships. Everywhere that IE 6 SP1 is supported today, IE 6 SP1 will continue to be supported until the OS it ships with expires,” wrote Vaughan. “If you’re running IE 6 for Windows XP Service Pack 2, you can stay with that version of IE for as long as Windows XP SP2 is around.”

Source: InformationWeek

Pioneer to ship combo Blu-ray/HD DVD burner next year

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Pioneer will follow up the release of its… er… pioneering Blu-ray Disc recorder with an updated model that supports dual-layer media, it has emerged. And the company said it is planning to offer a version that can also handle HD DVD.

Source: Reg Hardware

Brazil judge orders Google to disclose users’ data

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A Brazilian judge has ordered the local office of Web search company Google to disclose the data of users of Google’s social networking site Orkut accused of crimes like racism or child pornography.

Federal judge Jose Lunardelli ruled late on Thursday that Google be given 15 days to disclose the information, including the Internet Protocol addresses that can uniquely identify a specific computer on a network.

The judge set a daily fine of 50,000 reais ($23,255) for each individual case if Google refuses to reveal the data.

Source: Reuters

SanDisk Introduces Sansa c200 2GB MP3 Player Under $100

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SanDisk introduced the Sansa c200 series, a stylish flash memory-based MP3 player that is loaded with high-end features — such as a bright LCD color screen and a microSD expansion slot — and smashes the $100 price threshold for a 2-gigabyte player.

The c200 is sold in two capacities — 1 gigabyte and 2GB. However, the memory can be expanded with the addition of an optional SanDisk microSD card, which currently is available in capacities of from 256 megabytes to 2GB. For example, with a 2GB microSD card, a user can transform a 2GB player into a 4GB player to hold nearly 2,000 songs (at 64kbps). The c200 supports WMA, MP3 and the protected WMA DRM format that gives consumers the ability to purchase or subscribe to music from most music service providers. Features also include a color screen, FM radio and a voice recorder.

Suggested retail prices are $79.99 for the 1GB unit and $99.99 for the 2GB unit, and the SanDisk c200 is expected to be available from retailers in the U.S. and Europe in October, with other regions following later.

iPod maker ordered to allow union

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A Chinese supplier of Apple Computer’s iPod embroiled in a dispute over its labor policies has been told to let its more than 200,000 workers set up a trade union, reports said Friday.

Hongfujin Precision Industry Co. is on a list of companies in the southern city of Shenzhen that have been ordered to set up such a union, which would be affiliated to the government’s All-China Federation of Trade Unions, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

China does not allow independent labor organizing, but in recent years it has been pushing foreign invested companies to allow the state-sanctioned labor groups. Such groups are not industry-wide, but represent workers in a single company or sales outlet. They traditionally have been allied with management.

Source: AP

Pixsy to launch photo, video search engine

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Gossip and entertainment news junkies have a new way to get their fix. Pixsy Corp. is set to launch Friday, a photo and video search engine that gives priority to the freshest celebrity content on the Internet.

Although he intends for it to be successful in its own right, Pixsy CEO Chase Norlin also hopes that the venture will demonstrate how powerful and flexible his company’s technology can be for all sizes of online publishers.

Pixsy combs hundreds of Really Simple Syndication feeds, which typically contain summaries of content newly added to Web sites with descriptive tags and links to the full versions.

Source: Reuters

TippingPoint goes public with Zero Day flaws

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TippingPoint is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its Zero Day Initiative bug bounty program by putting more pressure on software makers to fix bugs.

The company, a division of 3Com and seller of intrusion prevention products, this week said it would begin publishing details on all vulnerabilities that are pending public disclosure on the Zero Day Initiative Web site.

Source: News.com

Microsoft Updates Virtual Server 2005

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On Thursday Microsoft released Beta 2 of Virtual Server 2005 Release 2 Service Pack 1, an update that will add new functionality to the existing version of Virtual Server 2005 once it is generally available. The software, which should be in full release by the first calendar quarter of 2007, can be downloaded for free.

New features included in Beta 2 of the software are support for Advanced Micro Devices’s virtualization technology, as well as new integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft said.

The software also includes what is called a Volume Shadow Service, which improves the server backup process, according to Microsoft. Instead of scheduling downtime to back up each virtual machine individually, the software will take snapshots of physical machines. Those physical machines will in turn take snapshots of all the virtual machines on the physical host. This enables server administrators to keep virtual machines up and running even while backing them up.

Source: Yahoo

Windows patch, iPod exploited in e-mail scams

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Fake Windows security patches and rogue iPod invoices have been making the rounds this week as spammers continue trying to fool people into installing Trojans on their PCs.

Internet threat-monitoring firm Websense issued an advisory on Wednesday about a fake e-mail that encourages recipients to install a patch to fix a Windows vulnerability described in Microsoft security bulletin MS05-039.

According to Websense country manager Joel Camissar, the e-mail is likely to have some success because it exploits users’ fears that their systems may be vulnerable.

“People are still falling for this. It is very easy for a hacker to take advantage of the fear created in the marketplace,” Camissar said.

Source: News.com

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