Microsoft Updates Virtual Server 2005

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On Thursday Microsoft released Beta 2 of Virtual Server 2005 Release 2 Service Pack 1, an update that will add new functionality to the existing version of Virtual Server 2005 once it is generally available. The software, which should be in full release by the first calendar quarter of 2007, can be downloaded for free.

New features included in Beta 2 of the software are support for Advanced Micro Devices’s virtualization technology, as well as new integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft said.

The software also includes what is called a Volume Shadow Service, which improves the server backup process, according to Microsoft. Instead of scheduling downtime to back up each virtual machine individually, the software will take snapshots of physical machines. Those physical machines will in turn take snapshots of all the virtual machines on the physical host. This enables server administrators to keep virtual machines up and running even while backing them up.

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