California Passes Bill Easing Cable Rules

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California’s legislature passed a bill on Thursday night aimed at increasing competition among cable television providers and easing the ability of telephone companies to enter the market.

The state’s Assembly by a vote of 64 to 5 backed an amended bill passed by the California Senate the night before. The Assembly had approved an earlier version of the legislation in May.

“California has led the way in the evolution of new technology, and with this bill, our state’s policy toward contemporary TV and entertainment technology is catching up to the times,” Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, who has championed the legislation, said in statement.

The measure, passed ahead of a midnight deadline for new bills, still needs the signature of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to become law.

The bill eliminatea city-by-city franchises, which Nunez said made it nearly impossible for rivals with new technologies to enter California’s market for TV entertainment services.

Source: eWeek


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