Web Browser ‘Browzar’ Branded Adware

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Software that claimed to provide increased privacy whilst surfing the web has been criticised by computer experts and the blogging community.

The application Browzar has been branded “adware” by many because it directs web searches to online adverts.

Some technical experts also say Browzar, which claims to leave no trail of webpages visited, does not work.

Browzar’s developers say they are examining the feedback but strongly deny that it is adware.

Mr Ajaz Ahmed, founder of internet service provider Freeserve and the man behind Browzar, told the BBC News website that he thought people were misusing the term.

“This is not adware at all,” he said. “Like every search engine, Browzar has sponsored advertising.”

Adware is typically a piece of software that generates advertising on a user’s computer.

Source: bbc


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