Microsoft Posts Free Office 2007 ‘Save As PDF’ Add-on

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Microsoft Corp. Wednesday posted add-ons for Office 2007 that allow users to save files in the electronic paper PDF and XPS file formats, making good on a promise after it stripped the features from the suite under pressure from Adobe Systems Inc.

The add-ons, which Microsoft put on its download site, are available in three versions:

Save As PDF

Save as XPS

Save as PDF or XPS

Source: InformationWeek

Google Quietly Enters Mobile Marketing Market

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Google Inc. has joined the mobile marketing playground with a wireless version of its AdWords service.

The Internet giant quietly launched the offering that allows AdWords customers to place marketing messages—including clickable links—in listings retrieved through Google’s mobile search service.

Source: RCRNews.com

‘Critical’ patch for Office coming

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Microsoft plans to release a “critical” security update for Office next week, one of three bulletins it will distribute as part of its monthly patch cycle.

The other two updates are for Windows and are rated as “important,” its second-highest ranking, the software giant said in an advisory Thursday. The brief advisory is designed to give IT administrators advance notice to prepare for the patches once they are distributed.

Source: News.com

IBM Offers New Eclipse-Based Tools and Support

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In a move to reinforce its strategy around open-source business models, IBM announced Sept. 7 new software and resources to help customers leverage their investments in open-source development tools and resources.

Announced at the EclipseWorld 2006 conference here, the new offerings will help software development teams build Eclipse-based, open, integrated development environments that are technologically diverse and vendor-neutral, IBM officials said.

Source: eWeek

Microsoft Hints At Delay Of Vista In Europe

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Microsoft raised the possibility on Thursday that it might delay the introduction of its new Vista Windows operating system in Europe, saying it depended on the European Commission’s antitrust requirements.

The European Commission responded sharply, saying it was “misleading to imply that the Commission could be the cause of delays in launching Vista in Europe”.

Source: InformationWeek

SanDisk MP3 seizure order overturned

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A seizure order that would have barred SanDisk from showing its MP3 devices at a German trade show was overturned this week, allowing the company to display its digital audio players after all.

A German prosecutor issued the seizure order for the MP3 players on Friday, Sept. 1. The Societa Italiana per lo Sviluppo dell’Elettronica (Sisvel), which licenses patents for the popular compression technology, says the players use MP3 technology that the company has not properly licensed.

SanDisk was one of 19 companies whose products were seized at IFA for similar patent violations. It’s unclear whether other companies challenged the seizure order.

Related: SanDisk faces MP3 licence dispute

Source: News.com

Skype Announces Free SkypeOut Calls in France

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Skype (NASDAQ:EBAY) announced that all French-based Skype users with a broadband internet connection can make unlimited SkypeOut calls to landlines in France for free. This offer is valid in France from September 7 to December 31 2006.

Previously, French-based Skype users were required to pay for all SkypeOut calls from their PCs to traditional landlines. Skype is offering all French-based people the chance to call their friends and family on landlines in France, for free. Calls between from one Skype software account to another across the world, remain completely free.

Skype has now significantly lowered the cost barrier for its French customers wanting to keep in touch with friends, family and business associates. Skype anticipates that free calling to all landlines in France will expand Skype’s increasing penetration into the French market.

Vista audio enhancements revealed

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Much of the hype surrounding Windows Vista has been concerned with its graphics: the new, DirectX-powered Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) graphics engine, and the translucent Aero Glass visual themes laid on top of it. Visuals are perhaps the easiest feature to sell a new operating system with, and Vista has pulled out all the stops in this area. However, until now very little attention has been paid to the audio improvements in Windows Vista. Arstechnica gives a review on Vista Audio.

Windows Vista RC1 impresses critics News

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Early feedback from testers already using Windows Vista RC1 (Release Candidate 1) report that the OS (operating system) is more stable than expected, which bodes well for Microsoft’s plan to have Vista out according to its current schedule.

Source: PC Advisor

AOL to Launch AIM Phoneline Developer Initiative

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AOL announced today it is opening its new AIM Phoneline service to developers.

Through the Open AIM Phoneline initiative, device manufacturers and voice application developers alike are invited to create new applications and tools that will extend the value and functionality of the AIM(R) Phoneline service, and introduce new features and peripherals to more than 43 million U.S. AIM users.

AOL will introduce three new application programming interfaces (APIs) in the fall that will give developers and manufacturers the ability to:

  • Personalize the AIM Phoneline service by adding ringback tones and unique ring tones for frequent callers.
  • Enable a wide variety of USB devices such as speakerphones and phone adapters that will allow standard cordless phones to initiate and receive calls with the AIM Phoneline service.
  • Build new call management functionality into the AIM Phoneline service such as context and relevance-based call handling that could treat each call on the basis of rules that use Caller ID, online presence, calendar activities and more.

AOL also announced today the Open AIM Phoneline Developers’ Challenge. Leveraging the Open AIM SDK, developers are encouraged to create the most innovative and useful applications that will enhance the AIM Phoneline experience. A panel of AOL judges will vote on the submissions and highest scores will determine the winner. The AIM Phoneline Developers’ Challenge will award $3,500 for first place and $1,000 for second place. The contest will run from September 11, 2006 through November 30, 2006, and the winner will be announced by January 31, 2007.

Zombies crawl over wiki exploits

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Hackers are exploiting vulnerabilities in wiki software packages to establish networks of compromised computers.

Software bugs in Pmwiki and Tikiwiki software applications are being actively used to create botnets, the SANS Institute’s Internet Storm Centre reports.

Source: TheRegister

Google says may launch video service in Japan

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Google Inc., the world’s biggest Web search engine, said on Thursday it was seeking partners to contribute contents for a video service in Japan.

“We haven’t yet been able to introduce Google Video in Japan, and hope to do so soon,” Google Japan’s President Norio Murakami said during a conference in Tokyo. “Going forward, Google’s services can’t work without cooperation from contents partners.”

Source: Reuters

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