AOL to Launch AIM Phoneline Developer Initiative

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AOL announced today it is opening its new AIM Phoneline service to developers.

Through the Open AIM Phoneline initiative, device manufacturers and voice application developers alike are invited to create new applications and tools that will extend the value and functionality of the AIM(R) Phoneline service, and introduce new features and peripherals to more than 43 million U.S. AIM users.

AOL will introduce three new application programming interfaces (APIs) in the fall that will give developers and manufacturers the ability to:

  • Personalize the AIM Phoneline service by adding ringback tones and unique ring tones for frequent callers.
  • Enable a wide variety of USB devices such as speakerphones and phone adapters that will allow standard cordless phones to initiate and receive calls with the AIM Phoneline service.
  • Build new call management functionality into the AIM Phoneline service such as context and relevance-based call handling that could treat each call on the basis of rules that use Caller ID, online presence, calendar activities and more.

AOL also announced today the Open AIM Phoneline Developers’ Challenge. Leveraging the Open AIM SDK, developers are encouraged to create the most innovative and useful applications that will enhance the AIM Phoneline experience. A panel of AOL judges will vote on the submissions and highest scores will determine the winner. The AIM Phoneline Developers’ Challenge will award $3,500 for first place and $1,000 for second place. The contest will run from September 11, 2006 through November 30, 2006, and the winner will be announced by January 31, 2007.


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