Windows Vista RC1 impresses critics News

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Early feedback from testers already using Windows Vista RC1 (Release Candidate 1) report that the OS (operating system) is more stable than expected, which bodes well for Microsoft’s plan to have Vista out according to its current schedule.

Source: PC Advisor


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  1. supermorph Says:

    i cannot agree just yet, as i have no problems with previous versions of windows or any linux distro

    but this one makes the system restart and does not,
    (repeat “DOES NOT”) find a solution to the problems it has

    aka 1) i opened a jpeg , well a few actually, but if i closed just one window of the picture viewer built into windows it bluescreens to a quick reboot, when it boots back it goes (windows recovered from a serious problem, click somthing to find a solution to a problem, and when i do that ,alls that happens is that the green shiny bar goes, then seconds later the window dissapears)

    but dont get me wrong, im sure it was trying to do at least somthing, but i will make no doubt about this, (it had not fixed the fault it found) so to me, i would ask the vista team to have a look at this.

    i had the same issue with another application but i could not fathom to remember which one it was lol

    p.s just to note, i was only expressionising my opinion on my experience with the rc1 edition, mabye its new or comp specific, who knows, but as i was saying, im not showing a biast opinion, just a bug with nowhere to report it to lol (no send to server buttons on it lol) unless it was sending a report rather than fixing the issue lol

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