AOL’s ICQ IM Service Vulnerable To Attack

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A security research firm today reported two vulnerabilities in America Online’s ICQ global instant messaging service that could allow malicious attacks on the computers of more than 160 million registered users.

Unless users upgrade to version 5.1 of ICQ, their computers are susceptible to a vulnerability in the ICQ Pro 2003b IM client that could lead to denial-of-service attacks and remote compromise of systems, according to an alert issued by Core Security Technologies, a provider of penetration testing tools. This heap overflow vulnerability is similar to a buffer overflow: An attacker can fill an input field with too many characters and crash a PC. In the case of ICQ, attackers can add malicious data packets as part of an IM conversation.

Source: InformationWeek

Designs Unveiled for Freedom Tower’s Neighbors

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The developer of the new World Trade Center unveiled the designs this morning for three skyscrapers at ground zero, which in their gargantuan scale would reshape the New York skyline.

Each building has a different renowned architect — Norman Foster and Richard Rogers, both of London, and Fumihiko Maki of Tokyo — and the result is entirely unlike the monolithic uniformity of the original trade center.

The office towers, designated simply Towers 2, 3 and 4 for now, would occupy three sites between Church and Greenwich Streets, along the eastern edge of the trade center site. Together with the winged PATH terminal and transportation hub, they would form the face that the trade center presents to the rest of downtown, with the signature Freedom Tower behind them.

Source: New York Times

Google says it will hire more engineers in Japan

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Google Inc., the world’s biggest Web search engine, said on Friday it is looking to hire more engineers in Japan to develop new technologies in one of the most advanced markets for mobile technologies.

“We hope to be much bigger in Japan,” Omid Kordestani, Google’s senior vice president in charge of global sales, told a conference in Tokyo. “We want more innovation in this market.”

Mountain View, California-based Google is trying to expand its presence abroad, from where more than 50 percent of Google.com traffic comes. Kordestani said he is aiming to raise international sales to more than half of Google’s total revenue, from 42 percent in the recent quarter.

Source: Reuters

Software Pirate Receives Record Prison Sentence

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Today, Nathan Peterson, owner and operator of iBackups, was sentenced in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, VA to more than 7 years in prison and he forfeited nearly all of his assets to the Court. This is the longest sentence ever given for software piracy — the average sentence over the past six years has been 22 months.

Peterson has agreed to pay restitution in the amount of $5,402,448. He will begin paying off the remaining $5 million in damages 60 days after his release from prison, at the rate of $200 per month. Peterson pled guilty last December to two counts of criminal copyright infringement for illegally copying and selling nearly $20 million worth of computer software.

To put Peterson’s sentence in perspective, in criminal piracy cases, the average damages resulting from pirated software are just over $9 million, or less than half of the $20 million caused by iBackups. Additionally, the $5.4 million Peterson agreed to pay in restitution is eight times the average fine of $659,000. This data is the result of a recent Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) study tracking FBI cases on software piracy reported since 2000.

iBackups sold pirated software over the Internet, claiming it was “backup software” — legal copies of software to be used by the software licensee for backup in case of system crashes. It is, however, illegal to resell such copies.

A sneak peek of “Simpsons” online Friday

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Viewers who take pleasure in the antics of Bart and Homer Simpson will be treated to an exclusive online look at the season-premiere episode of “The Simpsons” beginning Friday, two days before its network debut on Fox.

The first seven minutes will be streamed on a bevy of sites owned by the network’s News Corp. parent, including MySpace.com, Fox.com and igntv.com.

Source: Reuters

Samsung Web site hosts password stealing trojan

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Samsung’s US Web site is hosting a Trojan horse that logs keystrokes, disables antivirus applications and steals online banking access codes, according to Internet security firm Websense.

Visitors to the Web site are not affected by the malware and Websense believes Samsung’s Web server has most likely been compromised in order to serve malware to users that receive spam messages or malicious IM messages.

Joel Camissar, Australian country manager for Websense, told ZDNet Australia that Samsung has been informed about the issue but has not yet removed the offending files.

Source: ZDNet

Microsoft Blocked Bypass WGA Hack For Downloads

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Earlier this week a hack was published that allowed users to bypass Microsoft’s WGA check for downloads on Microsoft’s web site. The hack was very simple, all you needed to do is to download a piece of software from Microsoft, get a code and add the code to the download URL.

Indeed it didn’t take long for the Redmond company to patch this hole especially after the hack was published on Slashdot, and in two days the hack no longer work.

Just how buggy is Firefox?

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Security researchers that carried out a code analysis of popular open source browser Firefox using automated tools, have discovered scores of potential defects and security vulnerabilities despite coming to the conclusion that the software was generally well written.

A former Mozilla developer has criticised the methodology of the analysis and said it provides little help in unearthing real security bugs.

Several versions of the software were put through their paces by Adam Harrsion of Klocwork using Klocwork’s K7 analysis tool. The analysis, which culminated in an examination of Firefox version unearthed 611 defects and 71 potential security bugs.

Source: The Register

German GPL defender claims legal victory

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Open-source programmer Harald Welte said Thursday he won a civil court case in Germany centered on the General Public License (GPL). The license governs many open-source projects and permits anyone to use software covered by it, but requires that companies incorporating GPL software make the underlying source code available.

Welte has had smaller legal successes when trying to force companies using GPL software to comply with its terms, but this is the first outright lawsuit victory, he said on his blog.

Source: News.com

NFL to stream games with Yahoo

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The National Football League said on Thursday it will stream a full season of live games over the Internet to gridiron fans outside of North America.

In partnership with Yahoo Inc., NFL Game Pass (www.nfl.com/nflgamepass) will allow fans from abroad to watch nearly every NFL game starting Sunday for $24.99 per week or $249.99 for the entire 17-week season.

Source: Reuters

Microsoft to Release Cheaper Xbox 360

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Microsoft Co. is set to release a cheaper, bare-bones version of the Xbox 360 video game console in Japan to boost flagging sales ahead of the arrival of new machines from rivals later in the year.

The Japanese unit of U.S.-based Microsoft Corp. will launch a Xbox 360 console on Nov. 2 that comes without the 20-gigabyte hard drive and other accessories included with the standard version, according to Microsoft spokesman Jun Yoshihara.

The low-end version, already sold as the Xbox 360 Core System in the United States and Europe, will sell for 29,800 yen ($255) - about 10,000 yen ($86) less than its standard version, Yoshihara said.

Microsoft, based in Redmond, Washington, will also offer two free games to buyers of the new model in Japan for a limited time, he said.

Source: AP

Amazon.com Launches TV, Movie Service

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Amazon.com Inc. launched a digital video downloading service Thursday, ending months of speculation that the Internet retailer would be getting into the online TV and movie business.

The service, dubbed Amazon Unbox, will offer thousands of television shows, movies and other videos from more than 30 studios and networks, the company said.

TV shows will cost $1.99 per episode, and most movies will go for $7.99 to $14.99; movies can also be rented for $3.99.

Amazon Unbox will offer shows from CBS, News Corp.’s Fox, MTV, Nickelodeon, PBS, BBC, A&E, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central and The History Channel, among others. General Electric Corp.’s NBC and Walt Disney Co.’s ABC were noticeably absent on the list of participating networks. MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central are owned by Viacom Inc.

Seven major studios are participating in Amazon.com’s service: Viacom’s Paramount, News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox, Sony Corp.’s Sony Pictures, GE’s Universal Studios, Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros., Lionsgate Entertainment Corp. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.

The movies can be viewed only on Windows or Windows media compatible player, but not on stand alone DVD

Source: AP

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