Microsoft Blocked Bypass WGA Hack For Downloads

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Earlier this week a hack was published that allowed users to bypass Microsoft’s WGA check for downloads on Microsoft’s web site. The hack was very simple, all you needed to do is to download a piece of software from Microsoft, get a code and add the code to the download URL.

Indeed it didn’t take long for the Redmond company to patch this hole especially after the hack was published on Slashdot, and in two days the hack no longer work.

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3 Responses to “Microsoft Blocked Bypass WGA Hack For Downloads”

  1. Hal Says:

    Excellent info on how to bypass wga and/or remove and prevent wga and make your copy of windows xp pro validate successfully across the board. Including via Windows Update.

  2. Hal Says:


  3. whoelse Says:

    Follow the step and run and change your cdkey. It will make it Genuine.


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