Maps.com celebrates 15 Years

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The month of August marked the fifteenth anniversary of Maps.com, the Santa Barbara-based map publisher and online-retailer. In a decade and a half, Maps.com has grown from a modest 3-person operation to one of the most recognized and successful map publishers and online retailers in the industry.

Google Recommendations

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Google has created a new module for the personalized homepage that shows you recommendations, based on your search history, your location and on the search history of similar users.

The module called “Interesting things for you” features searches, web pages, and gadgets. The searches were previously available in Search History Trends and included the top gaining queries related to your searches. So the recommended items have two qualities: they are popular and related to your searches.

Source: googlesystem

Judge Rules Sites Can Be Sued Over Design

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According to the Associated Press, a California judge has ruled that a lawsuit brought against the Target Corporation may proceed under the Americans with Disabilities Act. The catch here is that the suit, leveled by the National Federation of the Blind, concerns the design of Target’s website. Could this set a precedent and subsequent flood of lawsuits against websites? What if another design is not tractable?”

Source: Slashdot

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