Google and Microsoft vie for Earth domination

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An updated version of Google Earth is to be released on Tuesday night, adding a timescale to the basic version of the Web-based geospatial application.

The feature–in which a slider is used to scroll through time–was previously available only to users of the premium version, Google Earth Pro, and now features a simplified interface.

Google Earth received a major database update at the end of last week, introducing 15-centimeter resolution for the first time to areas such as the Netherlands and Japan.

Microsoft was also represented at the event by Vincent Tao, director of MSN Virtual Earth–the software giant’s rival application to Google Earth. Tao highlighted recent improvements made to Virtual Earth, in particular the ability to view certain areas from an oblique “birds-eye view”. This addition was made to certain U.K. areas this week, he added.

Source: News.com


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