Price.com Launches Apple Price Comparison Search Engine

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MacResource.com applies Price.com’s search engine technology to the Mac and iPod community, for the best, up-to-the minute deals, news, and information.

Price.com has launched MacResource.com, a specialized internet site providing users of the Apple Macintosh and iPod the very best pricing information on hardware, software and services; as well as the latest industry news.

MacResource.com provides a clear view of the Mac and iPod marketplace, permitting users to seek out the latest prices from major resellers, as well as explore exclusive MacResource vendor deals on Mac and Mac-related products, including Apple computers, iPods, software , storage, memory and hardware upgrades.

Data Breaches Not The Leading Cause Of Identity Fraud

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Incorrect beliefs about the way consumer data breaches have an impact on identity fraud may lead to ineffective actions taken by consumers, according to a recent report published by Javelin Strategy & Research. The misunderstandings may also lead to flawed protective measures taken by corporations as well as state and local governments.

According to the report, public notifications of breaches reached into the tens of millions last year, but identity fraud only increased four percent. The large number of data breaches and the publicity they have received has created the incorrect assumption that fraud resulting from data breaches is prevalent. The Javelin report indicates that the known leading causes of ID fraud are lost or stolen wallets, checkbooks and credit cards, which account for 30 percent of ID fraud. Other known leading causes include information stolen by friends, acquaintances, relatives or corrupt employees.

IBM debuts encrypting tape drive

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Big Blue on Tuesday plans to unveil its IBM System Storage TS1120, designed to store and encrypt data on tape drives.

IBM’s TS1120 aims to allow users to encrypt data at a tape level, whether they are using Big Blue mainframes or Unix systems, for example. The drives will also allow users to encrypt data without requiring certain applications be installed.

Source: News.com

AT&T to offer 20 TV channels for PC viewing

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AT&T Inc. said on Tuesday it will launch a new Internet browser-based television service that will allow subscribers to watch 20 channels, including Fox News and the Weather Channel, on their computers.

The live TV service, named AT&T Broadband TV, will be available to high-speed Internet users at $19.99 a month, adding to AT&T’s line-up of video products to meet growing demand for mobile and over-the-Web entertainment.

Although the service does not work overseas, AT&T said one target customer group would be U.S. travelers, who will be able to watch live TV on their laptops as long as their Internet connection speed is at least 500 kilobits per second.

Source: Reuters

TiVo Unveils Its 1st High-Definition DVR

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Playing a bit of catch-up to rival offerings, TiVo Inc. will unveil Tuesday a new high-end digital video recorder that will be the company’s first to support high-definition programming.

The long-awaited product will be $800 and available in mid-September, the company said. Subscription fees for the TiVo service are separate.

The TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder has a 250-gigabyte hard drive - enough to store about 32 hours of high-definition programming or up to 300 hours of standard programming. It also sports two tuners, which will allow subscribers to record two different shows in HD at the same time while watching a third pre-recorded show.

High-definition television, which offers super-sharp images, is growing in popularity, and other rival DVRs by cable operators and satellite TV providers that have dual tuners and high-definition support are on the market already, some dating as far back as two years ago.

Source: AP

Napster Gives Away Free MP3 Player

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Napster, Inc. announced that music fans will receive a free 512MB flash-based compatible MP3 player when they purchase just three months of the Napster To Go portable music subscription service.

The company also announced that Napster’s popular 1GB MP3 player it began offering in June is now available for just $50 with the same three-month service agreement.

Police say Schwarzenegger computer may have been hacked

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California police are probing if computer hackers illegally downloaded a private taped conversation of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger from state computers, a spokesman said on Monday.

Source: Reuters

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