Xdrive is back With 5GB Free Space

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Xdrive is back, with not only updated software (both for your PC and on the Xdrive site) but with a new pricing plan: Free. You can get 5GB of Xdrive space for nothing. 50GB will cost you $100 a year. Either way, you get a virtual hard drive on your PC (extremely handy), access to files on your account from any Web-connected computer, and a backup application. You can also flag files for sharing, which makes Xdrive a competitor to file transfer products like AllPeers and YouSendIt.

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  1. Doctor Xdrive Says:

    The latest release from Xdrive is Xdrive Plus.

    In order to get a Free 5GB Xdrive Plus storage account you will need an AOL screen name, if you don’t have one then you can signup for one free and get an AOL email account with 2GB of space too.

    Now that you have your new AOL screen name and password you can use them to sign in to your Xdrive Plus account and store many types of digital assets, like Word files, Excel files, PDF files, pictures, music, your browser bookmarks, your AOL email attachments, AOL Pictures.

    Using the Xdrive Plus Web Interface you’ll be able to upload files or folders, share them with others. These files can be pictures, Word files, Excel files, etc.

    Using our Desktop Application you will be able to do things with your Xdrive Plus account, like drag and drop files from your local (C: drive) to your Internet Hard Drive (X: drive).

    The Desktop Application also provides other features, like scheduling backups, and backup now.

    Our competitors do not offer the combination of services that an Xdrive Plus account offers. If you need more space then you can upgrade to 50GB for $9.95 a month or $99.50 annually.

    If you are an AOL consumers who subscribes to other AOL Premium Services of more then $24.95 a month you’ll get your Xdrive Plus 50GB for Free.

    Now that you’ve got your Xdrive Plus account you can take your data with you where ever you go. How?

    Using your AOL credentials you can login using any computer that has an Internet connection, just use a browser and go to xdrive.com and enter your screen name and password to access your digital assets anytime, anyplace.

    Do you have a WAP enabled PDA or cell phone? Soon you will be able to access your digital assets stored on your Internet Hard Drive using Xdrive Mobile Service and download your digital assets.

    Thanks and Best Regards, Doctor Xdrive

  2. Bruce Says:

    As unlimited free online storage is bad economics in the long term, it’s better to switch over to a service like IBackup. You can perform interactive and scheduled backups of critical files to your online backup account with IBackup for Windows. With its Windows like user interface you can even drag and drop files to get them backed up or to restore them.

    IBackup for Windows backups only modified portions of your files to ensure a quick backup. You can backup and restore by choosing the mirror and relative path options. You can also restore from the Snapshots of files maintained in your IBackup account. You can also use IDrive that maps your online IBackup account as a network drive on your computer. You can then drag and drop files to the IBackup account from the Windows explorer. You can manage all your multimedia files with IDrive Multimedia. All IBackup accounts are compatible with most FTP clients on most platforms providing a powerful flexible tool to transfer files.

    You can also perform advanced tasks like backup/restore of MS Exchange Server databases and Microsoft SQL Server databases to your IBackup account. You can also backup open files to your IBackup account. You can also try the browser-based application ‘Web-Manager to create folders, upload, webload files, rename, move, delete and share files or folders with others with Web-Manager. It also allows `private sharing of data’ instantly with another IBackup user.

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