Linspire Offers Cash Incentive for Pre-Installing Systems

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In an effort to increase its market share, Linspire, Inc. launched a revamped partner program today that pays system builders a percentage on all commercial Linux software and services purchased by users of either Linspire and Freespire pre-installed desktop and laptop computers using CNR (Click ‘N Run) technology.

Offering 18 months of Revenue Share per computer, the new program also features an automated, real-time, revenue share system that reports computer Light-up data, CNR Registration User percentage, and average revenue per-user generated through CNR.

Microsoft unveils wireless mouse and keyboard

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Microsoft Corp. unveiled a new line of computer peripherals on Wednesday, including a $250 wireless keyboard and mouse compatible with its upcoming Windows Vista operating system.

The new products feature a one-touch button for the Windows Start menu and incorporates features to help users more easily navigate Windows Vista, due out to consumers in early 2007 after nearly five years of development.

Source: Reuters

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