Sun Releases NetBeans Version for Beginners

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Sun Microsystems, along with the NetBeans community and the University of Kent, has announced the general availability of a new version of the NetBeans integrated development environment, the NetBeans IDE/BlueJ Edition.

The NetBeans IDE/BlueJ Edition, like the original NetBeans IDE, is a free, open-source IDE.

However, the BlueJ Edition is an educational tool that provides a migration path for students transitioning from educational tools to a full-featured, professional IDE, officials at Santa Clara, Calif.-based Sun said.

Source: Yahoo

Google Won’t Follow Belgium Court Order Requiring

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Google Inc. refused to comply Wednesday with a Belgian court decision that required the company to publish the original text of the ruling on its sites, calling that requirement “unnecessary” and “disproportionate.”

Earlier this month, the Belgian Court of First Instance ordered the Internet search engine to stop publishing content from Belgian newspapers without permission or payment of fees. Local newspaper editors argued that Google’s popular news site, which features small photos and excerpts from news reported elsewhere, stole traffic from individual newspapers’ sites.

Google complied with the ruling, which threatened to impose daily fines of about $1.27 million against the Mountain View-based company. Google is removing the Belgian newspapers from its indexes.

The court also demanded that Google post the original text of the ruling on its Belgian sites, Google.be and news.google.be. The court is scheduled to rule Friday on whether Google must publish the text or face fines of $634,000 per day.

Google spokesman Steven Langdon said he hopes both aspects of the ruling will be overturned.

Source: AP

Gonzales calls for ISP data retention laws

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The US Attorney General has asked senators to pass a data retention law for telcos and ISPs. Alberto Gonzales told a Senate panel that such a law would help to prosecute child pornographers.

Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller have discussed the proposal with ISPs who have considered lengthening their current retention periods on a voluntary basis to avoid legislation. ISPs tend to oppose data retention laws because of the increased cost and responsibility it puts on them.

Source: The Register

Yale University to post courses on Web for free

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Yale University said on Wednesday it will offer digital videos of some courses on the Internet for free, along with transcripts in several languages, in an effort to make the elite private school more accessible.

While Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others already offer course material online without charge, Yale is the first to focus on free video lectures, the New Haven, Connecticut-based school said.

Source: Reuters

Warner to make HD-DVD and Blu-ray hybrid disc

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Warner Home Video claims to have come up with a potential solution to the high definition DVD standards war.

It emerged yesterday that the company’s top engineers have filed a patent for a single disc that can store regular DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

Source: vnunet.com

OpenOffice.org Design Contest

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OpenOffice.org, along with co-sponsor WorldLabel.com, will give away more then $5,000 in cash and prizes to the winners of a template and clip-art design contest scheduled to run until October 13, 2006. Organizers are looking for original designs that are useful to multiple users but, in terms of creativity, they say the sky’s the limit.

Source: Slashdot

Calif. PC Thief Takes Court Computers

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A man was convicted of various theft charges, after prosecutors say he stole computers from the courthouse while he was on trial for computer theft.

He could be facing nearly five years in prison when he is sentenced next month.

In an interview Monday night at the county jail, Eipp said he stole the computers “for personal reasons.”

Source: Forbes.com

Intel builds Internet city on Amazon island

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Santa Clara, Calif.-based chipmaker Intel, in conjunction with Brazilian schools and companies, has brought easily accessible broadband to Parintins, an isolated city of 114,000 on an island in the Amazon Basin.

A tower for WiMax, a long-range wireless technology, was set up on the island and connects two schools, a hospital, a community center and a university to a broadband network. To date, the Internet had been accessed primarily with dial-up connections, said Ricardo Carreon, regional director of Intel Latin America. The only broadband options were microwave or satellite. Intel Chairman Craig Barrett came to the city for the formal unveiling of the networks.

The new WiMax network could help eliminate some of the problems that come with living deep in Brazil’s interior. The hospital, for instance, will use the link for telemedicine and remote diagnostics. The city only has one hospital and 32 doctors.

“Most likely, if you need a specialist you need to go to Manaus (a 15-hour boat ride away) or Sao Paolo,” said Carreon.

Intel estimates that the new network will serve about 1,500 students and 10,000 community members.

Source: News.com

YouTube teams with Cingular, ABC for talent hunt

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YouTube, the popular online video sharing service, is teaming up with major marketing and media partners for a competition to discover the most talented unsigned bands on its site.

The promotion announced on Wednesday, called YouTube Underground, is the latest step by the start-up company to build a mainstream media model around the thousands of videos uploaded by users and viewed more than 100 million times a day.

Bands can submit original videos from October 2 through October 18 and site visitors will vote for their favorites. The finalists will appear on ABC’s “Good Morning America” show. Walt Disney Co. owns the ABC network.

Source: Yahoo

Asus unveils ‘first’ music streaming Skype phone

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Asus has launched what it reckons is the world’s first wireless music Skype phone - a Wi-Fi enable handset that doubles up as a speaker for songs streamed from a PC.

Source: Reg Hardware

Honda investing in chips to help cars see

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The automotive giant has quietly put $5 million over three years into Canesta, which specializes in chips that help computers make sense out of 3D spaces. The company’s best known product is a virtual keyboard: Users plunk down their fingers on the laser light images resembling a keyboard and their finger movements are translated to keystrokes.

Honda believes Canesta’s chips could help drivers know how close they are to other parked cars, pedestrians, and get other similar, useful information. Automakers are also examining ultrasonics (sound waves) or stereoscopic technologies to give drivers better information about their surroundings.

Source: News.com

Xbox HD DVD player Japan launch in Nov

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Microsoft Corp. said on Wednesday it would launch an HD DVD player for its
Xbox 360 game console on November 22 in Japan for 20,790 yen ($177), matching rival Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 in high-definition DVD functions.

Sony’s PS3, which is set to hit store shelves in Japan and North America in November, will be equipped with a competing Blu-ray optical disc player.

Nintendo Co. Ltd. plans to offer its new game console, the Wii, in November in the United States, setting the stage for a three-way showdown in the nearly $30 billion video game market.

Source: Yahoo

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