Google posts copyright judgement on Belgian websites

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The US Internet portal Google complied with a court order and posted on its Belgian websites a copyright ruling that went against the giant online information provider.

A Belgian tribunal on Friday had ordered Google to post the judgement, which appeared Saturday on the search engine’s “google.be” site and its information site “news.google.be”.

On September 5, a lower court ordered Google News to stop reproducing content from French-language and German-language newspapers in Belgium on its Belgian site.

The Californian group, under threat of one-million-euro-a-day fines, more or less complied with that ruling, although there was some grumbling about its archive section.

Google was also liable to pay another half a million euros per day if it failed to publish the ruling on its Belgian site continuously for five days.

Google lawyers had called that decision “completely disproportionate”.

A new hearing on the more substantive issue of publishing material is scheduled for November 24.

Source: AFP


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