Google Base To Replace Froogle

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Google Inc. plans to introduce a new shopping feature in time for the holiday season, an analyst noted Friday, which sets the stage for an even bigger clash with eBay Inc. and other online-commerce companies.

Simultaneously, Google intends to “de-emphasize” its own Froogle shopping search engine, a Web site featuring paid listings from eBay and other online retailers. Google intends for Froogle to no longer be a standalone Web site; instead its listings would be absorbed by other search features.

Soon products on Google Base will be searchable via the regular search box. “When users conduct a product search on Google.com, they will be represented with an additional search box where they can refine their search. When the user refines the search, Google takes the user to a second page, which will be filled with product results only from Google Base.”

RIAA Wants to Include Song Files it Can’t Produce

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In UMG v. Lindor the RIAA is trying to include song files it doesn’t have copies of as part of its ‘distribution’ argument. The defendant Marie Lindor is asking the Court to preclude them from doing that. She points to the RIAA’s own interrogatory response in which the record companies swore that their case was based upon their investigator seeing a screenshot and then downloading ‘perfect digital copies’. They produced eleven (11) copies of song files, but want to be able to prove twenty seven (27) other songs for which they can’t produce the files

Source: Slashdot

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