Sony to launch Web bookstore, e-book device

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Sony Corp. said Tuesday it will launch an electronic book store on the Internet and start selling a device that displays e-books purchased from the store October 1, after missing an earlier unveiling in the Spring due to technical reasons.

The Sony Connect book store will carry about 10,000 books from the top six publishers, including News Corp.’s HarperCollins and CBS Corp.’s Simon & Schuster.

The launch of the store coincides with the official debut of its highly anticipated electronics book reader, which reviewers have said mimic the quality of regular paper.

Source: Reuters

Intel pledges 80 cores in five years

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Intel has built a prototype of a processor with 80 cores that can perform a trillion floating point operations per second.

CEO Paul Otellini held up a silicon wafer with the prototype chips before several thousand attendees at the Intel Developer Forum here on Tuesday. The chips are capable of exchanging data at a terabyte a second, Otellini said during a keynote speech. The company hopes to have these chips ready for commercial production within a five-year window.

Source: News.com

CinemaNow offers new DVD for download-to-burn

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Online movie service CinemaNow on Tuesday said it will offer a version of Universal Picture’s “The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift” that customers can download onto a blank DVD the same day it is available in stores.

The “download-to-burn” Web release on the same day the DVD lands in stores is a first for a major Hollywood studio. Until recently, studios have been reluctant to offer downloads to “burn,” or copy, for fear of piracy and because doing so might cannibalize retail sales in the $24 billion home DVD market.

CinemaNow said the download of the “Fast and Furious” DVD will be available at CinemaNow for $9.99 and will include all the bonus features of the DVD sold in stores.

Source: Yahoo

New technology could nip DVD format war in the bud

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The format war around next generation DVDs may be over before it has begun, thanks to a breakthrough from a British media technology company.

Britain-based New Medium Enterprises (NME) said on Tuesday it had solved a technical production problem that makes it possible to produce a cheap multiple-layer DVD disk containing one film in different, competing formats.

“Current technologies to create multiple layer disks mostly don’t work. We’ve created a technology for mass production of multiple layers that does not suffer from the well known problem of low yields,” said NME Chief Technology Officer Eugene Levich.

A low yield means that many DVDs coming off the manufacturing lines are not working and have to be discarded.

The production costs of a multi-layer DVD using the new NME technology are estimated to be around 9 cents, compared with the 6 cents for a standard single-layer play-back DVD, according to Dutch company ODMS, one of the world’s leading makers of production lines for optical disks.

This 50 percent cost increase compares favorably with the current generation of multi-layer recordable DVD disks which cost 3 to 5 times as much to produce than a single layer disk, due to low yields.

Source: Yahoo

Microsoft Released VML Patch

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Microsoft has just released an update to address the VML (VGX) vulnerability. Unlike other security flaw, this time Microsoft did not wait for the scheduled patch Tuesday. Thousands of malicious web sites are taking advantage of this flaw.

If a user is logged on with administrative user rights, an attacker who successfully exploited this vulnerability could take complete control of an affected system. An attacker could then install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights. Users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system could be less impacted than users who operate with administrative user rights.

We recommend that customers apply the update immediately.

Download Security Update for Windows XP (KB925486)

New IE, Media Player Attacks Begin, E-Mail Lures Users

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Mass-mailed lures are designed to draw users to a page posing as a Yahoo Greeting Card, where their PCs are compromised as soon as they hit the bogus site.

E-mailed bait to exploits of the still-unpatched vulnerability in Internet Explorer have been sent, a security company said Monday, escalating the threat facing Windows users. In addition, an earlier zero-day bug in IE is now being exploited in the wild, and an unfixed flaw in Windows Media Player is behind a third attack.

Source: InformationWeek

Lime Wire, squeezed, files countersuit

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One of the last remaining peer-to-peer havens is fighting to stay alive.

Lime Wire, which was hit with a lawsuit in August by Warner Bros. Records, Virgin Records America, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and other music labels, filed a counterclaim in U.S. District Court in New York on Monday. The software company alleges in court filings that the record companies have engaged in unfair business practices to scare away its users.

Source: News.com

Intel says to launch quad-core chips in November

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Intel Corp. will launch chips with four processing cores in November, Chief Executive Paul Otellini said on Tuesday.

The chip would initially be meant for high-end server and gaming computers, with cheaper mainstream versions due out early in 2007, Otellini told the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

“The initial desktop version of quad-core will be introduced as an Extreme version,” Otellini said. “In Q1 of next year, we’ll bring it into the mainstream under the name of Core 2 Quad.”

Source: Yahoo

LogMeIn to Add Crime Fighting to Remote Connectivity

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With each day bringing yet another case of missing laptops and stolen data, LogMeIn, Inc., announced today it would introduce remote “instant shredding” capabilities for its more than three million LogMeIn users.

At the request of its customer, LogMeIn will also make the history of when and where that customer’s computers are being used accessible to IT departments and law enforcement, while still keeping users’ information safe, secure and private.

These theft deterrent and remediation features will be part of detection capabilities already inherent in LogMeIn. An Ounce of Prevention With its new Instant Shredding feature, LogMeIn users will have the option to preset files, folders, or the entire hard drive to be wiped clean based on either time idle, or with an alert on LogMeIn.com.

When a computer goes missing, users simply activate the shredding feature and the next time the computer goes online, the selected files are completely removed. Or, if the user chooses, data can also be removed from a computer which has not been online for a preset period.

Malware lurks behind TRUSTe seal

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Sites handed the TRUSTe seal of approval are twice as likely to host malware or engage in spamming as those not endorsed by any security certificate, according to a study by spyware researcher Ben Edelman.

Edelman reached this conclusion after cross-referencing a sample of 500,000 top websites, as reported by a major ISP, that are endorsed by a TRUSTe certificate with data on untrustworthy sites, as listed by McAfee’s SiteAdvisor service.
Sun Microsystems

Of the sites certified by TRUSTe, 5.4 per cent are linked to either spamming or spyware, according to SiteAdvisor’s data. This compares to just 2.5 per cent of sites in the rest of the ISP’s list that SiteAdvisor categorises as unsavoury.

Source: The Register

Sony Launches GPS for Cameras

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Ever been on a trip where you’ve visited a dozen places, taken hundreds of pictures but can’t quite remember where you shot them? Sony has developed a pocket-size, Global Positioning System device and software that helps you identify the location of every picture you’ve taken within a couple of meters.

The device, which records location data every 15 seconds, can accurately pinpoint a shot to within two meters.

The device measures 3.43 by 1.42 by 1.42 inches, can hold up to 31MB (equivalent to approximately one month of tracking and recording for 12 hours per day) and has a power-efficient design that allows up to 10 hours of continuous use with a single, alkaline cell battery.

The GPS-CS1 doesn’t connect to a digital camera. Instead, tracking data from the device is downloaded via a USB cable to a Windows PC running the Sony GPS Image Tracker software. Camera images are also downloaded to the same PC, which then “matches” the position data from the GPS tracking device with date and time data from the images.

Source: Yahoo

SIRIUS Introduces iPod Killer

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SIRIUS Satellite Radio today announced the availability of Stiletto 100, the company’s first live portable radio, featuring WiFi, Yahoo! music purchasing software, and the ability to save music subscribers love for playback later.

Stiletto 100, available this month, lets users listen to live SIRIUS programming almost anywhere in a small, stylish package. Stiletto 100 allows users to store up to 100 hours of SIRIUS content by:

  • Automatically recording hours of 100% commercial-free music from listeners’ favorite SIRIUS Satellite Radio channels;
  • Scheduling recordings, of up to 6-hours in length, of favorite talk or music shows;
  • Allowing users to save up to 10 hours of individual songs from live SIRIUS Satellite Radio broadcasts by a simple press of the “love” button.

The Stiletto 100 features WiFi capability for connection to SIRIUS’ Internet radio services, an exciting feature useful for listening anywhere an accessible WiFi network is available.

User’s own MP3/WMA files can also be stored on the Stiletto 100 and managed with the included My SIRIUS Studio software for Windows PCs. Stiletto 100 is compatible with most Windows-based Internet music providers’ download and subscription services.

The Yahoo! Music Jukebox software will be included with the Stiletto 100 package. Any individual song bookmarked by the user on the Stiletto 100 is moved into a favorites list, which can be accessed by a PC application when the unit is connected to user’s computer. The application allows users to look up and purchase songs, full albums, or explore artists’ other offerings through the Yahoo! Music Jukebox software or other compatible online music download or subscription services. Once the song is purchased or rented, it can be transferred onto the Stiletto 100.

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