LogMeIn to Add Crime Fighting to Remote Connectivity

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With each day bringing yet another case of missing laptops and stolen data, LogMeIn, Inc., announced today it would introduce remote “instant shredding” capabilities for its more than three million LogMeIn users.

At the request of its customer, LogMeIn will also make the history of when and where that customer’s computers are being used accessible to IT departments and law enforcement, while still keeping users’ information safe, secure and private.

These theft deterrent and remediation features will be part of detection capabilities already inherent in LogMeIn. An Ounce of Prevention With its new Instant Shredding feature, LogMeIn users will have the option to preset files, folders, or the entire hard drive to be wiped clean based on either time idle, or with an alert on LogMeIn.com.

When a computer goes missing, users simply activate the shredding feature and the next time the computer goes online, the selected files are completely removed. Or, if the user chooses, data can also be removed from a computer which has not been online for a preset period.

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