Intel-AMD Antitrust Trial Set for 2009

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A federal judge in Delaware has scheduled an April 27, 2009 trial for Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s antitrust case against Intel Corp., an Intel spokesman said on Wednesday.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Joseph Farnan during a Wednesday hearing came one day after the judge gave Intel a victory by dismissing much of AMD’s lawsuit, saying that U.S. law does not cover many of AMD’s claims.

Shares of Intel rose more than 2 percent on the news, while AMD shares fell more than 2 percent. Intel, based in Santa Clara, California, is the largest maker of chips used in personal computers. Sunnyvale, California-based AMD ranks second.

Chuck Mulloy, an Intel spokesman, said that at Wednesday’s hearing, Intel argued that AMD should now be precluded from obtaining discovery outside the United States.

Source: eWeek


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