Nokia unveils new short-range wireless technology

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Mobile phone market leader Nokia unveiled a new short-range wireless connection on Tuesday that is smaller and more energy-efficient than current Bluetooth technology and can be used in devices such as watches.

The new radio technology, dubbed “Wibree”, can work alongside Bluetooth short-range wireless connections but use just a fraction of the power.

“It’s up to 10 times more energy efficient than Bluetooth,” Bob Iannucci, head of Nokia Research Center, told Reuters.

Source: Reuters

DARPA Chooses Teams for Robot Challenge

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The winners of last year’s Pentagon-sponsored robot race are back to take on another challenge - this time to develop a vehicle that can drive through congested city traffic all by itself.

Stanford University, whose unmanned Volkswagen dubbed Stanley won last year’s desert race, was among 11 teams selected Monday to receive government money to participate in a contest requiring robots to carry out a simulated military supply mission.

The robotic vehicles will have to navigate a complex 60-mile test course designed like a real city street filled with moving manned and unmanned vehicles. Participants will be tested on how well they make sharp turns, navigate traffic circles and avoid obstacles such as utility poles, trees and parked cars. The vehicles will also have to obey traffic laws, change lanes, merge with moving cars and pull into a parking lot using only their computer brain and sensors.

The first three vehicles that successfully complete the mission in less than six hours will win trophies, according to updated rules posted on DARPA’s Web site.

Source: AP

Napster opens digital music service in Japan

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Napster Inc. said on Tuesday it launched an online song distribution site in Japan, challenging Apple Computer Inc. and popular music phones.

Napster Japan, a joint venture between America’s Napster and Tower Records Japan Inc., will introduce a service that lets members listen to and download an unlimited number of songs from its database of 1.5 million selections for 1,980 yen ($16.80) a month. Users will also be able to transfer music to compatible music players.

Source: Reuters

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