Microsoft Readies Office 2007 Beta Shutdown

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Microsoft will close down beta testing of Office 2007 in two weeks and send the code to manufacturing by the end of October.

On Oct. 25, Microsoft will close the Office Preview Web site and remove the beta from its download servers. The Office 2007 beta has been available to public testers since May.

Also, the BetaPlace Web site — which hosts newsgroup forums for products in testing — will close Oct. 31 and migrate to the Microsoft Connect portal.

Source: InformationWeek

Microsoft Releases 6 Patches for Flaws

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Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday released six patches to fix software flaws that carry its highest threat rating, including three for defects that attackers were already trying to exploit.

The company said all six of the critical flaws could allow an attacker to obtain some access to other people’s computers.

The Redmond software maker also released four other patches to fix vulnerabilities that the company deemed less severe.

Source: AP

IBM cranks dual-core Power6 beyond 4GHz

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IBM Corp. will go back to the future with its next-generation Power6 design by pushing raw speed rather than trying to pack more cores on a die.

The CPU will run at speeds between 4-5GHz with a total of 8Mbytes L2 cache and a 75Gbyte/second link to external memory.

The Power6 doubles the frequency and bandwidth of the existing Power5 without increasing its power consumption or the depth of its execution pipeline. The move lets IBM ship the chip as a mid-2007 refresh for its existing p-series server line.

Source: EETimes

Browser numbers released, IE still losing ground

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New browser usage statistics are out for September, and they’re showing some interesting changes in browser market share. Internet Explorer, which has been the market share king for many years now, has been falling steadily since the launch of Firefox 1.0 and has now reached its lowest point in over two years at 82.10 percent. Firefox, on the other hand, has been growing steadily, reaching 12.46 percent market share. Safari holds its third place spot, but sees increasing numbers as well at 3.53 percent.

Source: arstechnica

Cingular Wireless sues telemarketers for unsolicited calls

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Cingular Wireless, a joint venture between AT&T Inc. and BellSouth Corp. on Tuesday said it filed three lawsuits in a U.S. federal court against telemarketers to stop them from making unsolicited and illegal calls to Cingular customers.

Cingular is seeking injunctions and damages in all the three lawsuits, filed in the U.S. District Court in Atlanta, the largest U.S. wireless service, said in a statement.

Source: Reuters

Wireless modem links underwater adventurers

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As most schoolchildren know, radio waves do not travel through saltwater. That is why divers can’t talk to or text each other without using clumsy wired devices. But now British firm Wireless Fibre Systems, based in Livingston, claims it has developed a wireless modem that works underwater. The signals produced can also be transmitted out of the water. This will allow divers to keep in touch with their boat, or permit autonomous vehicles to send data to a waiting vessel.

Source: New Scientist Tech

Target wants cheaper DVDs

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The proven success of digital music downloads seems to have served notice to the nation’s largest retailers that the online entertainment age is coming, whether they want it or not. The latest sign is a letter from Target president Gregg Steinhafel to the major movie studios, urging them to “level the playing field.”

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Steinhafel’s complaint is that “some movie studios have made new-release movies available to download service providers at lower cost” than DVDs, undercutting Target and other retail stores that pay higher wholesale costs. The letter then descends into downright playground bullying, saying that Target could “reconsider its investment in the DVD business,” cutting shelf space and promotion unless it gets what it thinks is fair pricing from the studios.

Source: arstechnica

Toyota branches out into ethanol

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Hybrid cars aren’t the only fuel-efficient concept to have grabbed Toyota’s interest.

The Japanese company, now the second-biggest automaker in the world, will come out with a car in Brazil in Spring 2007 that can run on 100 percent ethanol, as well as on a blend of gas and ethanol

The pricing and the name of the car have not been revealed yet, he added. Brazil is a natural spot to launch the car. Brazilians produce ethanol there from sugar cane, and a number of gas stations sell it.

Source: News.com

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