Oracle Corp. may soon introduce its own Linux products

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Shares of Red Hat Inc., the largest distributor of the Linux operating system, tumbled more than 7 percent Friday after a Wall Street analyst suggested that Oracle Corp. may soon introduce its own Linux products.

Red Hat’s stock finished the day at $19.90, a decline of $1.59, after briefly falling below its 52-week low to $19.71 on the Nasdaq Stock Market.

The Raleigh-based company has had a volatile year because of rumors that Oracle could jump into the open-source Linux market. Jefferies & Co. analyst Katherine Egbert wrote Friday that “our independent checks in the past two weeks indicate that Oracle seems to be close to introducing its own software ’stack.’”

Source: AP

40 Live NBA Games Coming to the Internet

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Some 40 NBA games will be available live online each week as the league extends its television subscription package to the Internet.

Fans, however, will be restricted in their ability to follow hometown teams. Technology will be used to block access to local games to preserve television rights. Also excluded are games broadcast on television nationally.

The NBA League Pass package costs $179 and will give subscribers access to the regular-season games both online and through cable or satellite, according to a league announcement scheduled for Monday. However, fans can only sign up through a cable or satellite provider, and the broadband service is not available separately.

The league said it is also offering a free, ad-supported service giving fans highlights of top plays, news conferences, interviews and other coverage.

The package will be available only in the United States.

Source: AP

GameStop Now Taking Preorders for Nintendo Wii

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Video game retailer GameStop has begun accepting limited preorders for the hotly anticipated Nintendo Wii game console. Earlier in the week, GameStop offered preorders for Wii’s next-gen competitor, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and sold through its quota within hours.

GameStop indicated it will not accept additional orders beyond a set limit because of uncertainty about when more consoles will be available. As the Wii and the PlayStation 3 were being announced, the Internet was abuzz with the possibility that there will be a shortage of both consoles as the holiday season begins.

However, Nintendo has predicted that it will have at least four million units in stores before the end of December, and Sony expects to have about two million consoles available in the same period.

Source: Yahoo

YouTube Confusion Shuts Down Utube Site

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YouTube’s enormous popularity has created a big headache for another “utube” - a company that sells used machines that make tubes.

Universal Tube & Rollform Equipment Corp.’s Web site, utube.com, was inaccessible for most of the week, overwhelmed by millions of people looking for the popular online video site.

The confusion took off a couple of months ago, said Ralph Girkins, Universal Tube’s president.

The company with just 17 employees got 68 million hits on its site in August, making it one of the most popular manufacturing Web sites.

The site shut down last weekend just before Google Inc. announced plans Monday to buy YouTube for $1.65 billion. A move to a new server didn’t help, but by late Thursday Universal Tube’s site was back up after the company added more capacity.

Source: AP

Google, BEA in enterprise portal mashup talks

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Google and BEA Systems are in talks about partnering on a new initiative that will let organizations create mashups between enterprise portals and applications such as Google Maps.

As part of the partnership, BEA will get access to some of Google’s hidden application programming interfaces (APIs), which will allow developers to create mashups using a new technology feature in BEA’s WebLogic Portal, called Adrenaline.

The Adrenaline technology enables portal applications to run on other Web sites outside the portal framework, using AJAX and iFrames Web development techniques, while still managing it as part of the portal.

Source: News.com

Vista’s DRM features could bedevil AV

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A security researcher is raising concerns about a digital rights management feature in Microsoft’s new Vista operating system that he claims may make it easy for malicious code authors to block anti-virus programs from removing their wares.

In a presentation to anti-virus researchers at the annual Virus Bulletin Conference in Montreal, Canada, Aleksander Czarnowski of the Polish firm AVET Information and Network Security, said that a new Vista feature, dubbed “protected processes,” which provides digital rights management functionality in Vista, could be abused to protect rootkits and other malicious code.

Source: infoworld

Microsoft eyes another chance to be a TV player

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Microsoft Corp.’s decade-long push into television is notable for false starts, bold promises and failed investments, but the company hopes to finally move into the living room this year with a service delivered over high-speed Internet networks.

The success or failure of Microsoft’s Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) initiative could determine the fortunes of a number of telephone companies betting billions that the company can help them encroach on cable television operators’ home turf.

Unlike the video clips uploaded to Web sites like YouTube, which depend on normal consumer Internet connections, IPTV gets priority from phone companies, using the main highways or backbone of the Web to deliver television programs with nearly all the features available from cable or satellite TV.

Microsoft sees a future when its IPTV platform will make a television set not linked into an IP network seem as obsolete as a personal computer today without access to the Internet.

Source: Reuters

Microsoft: Windows Vista is on schedule

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Microsoft Corp. said Friday it is on track to deliver the new Windows Vista operating system to its volume license customers around the world in November, and to the general public in January.

The world’s largest software maker also confirmed it will be releasing the operating system in Europe and South Korea on schedule, following what it called “constructive dialogue” with the European Commission and the Korea Fair Trade Commission.

Microsoft agreed to make a number of changes to Windows Vista in response to guidance the company received from the European Commission, said Microsoft general counsel Brad Smith. Smith confirmed that the company has also incorporated changes to Windows Vista in Korea to comply with its legal obligations there.

Source: AP

Sportingbet exits U.S. by selling out for $1

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Britain’s Sportingbet Plc has pulled out of the United States ahead of a ban on Internet gambling by selling its U.S. operations to private investors for $1.

“We are saddened to have to dispose of such a fantastic business as a result of political actions in the U.S. Congress,” Sportingbet Chief Executive designate Andy McIver said on Friday.

“Sportingbet received cash consideration of $1 for the shares and related assets of the U.S. operations, and has discharged excess liabilities amounting to approximately $13.2 million,” it said in a statement.

Source: Reuters

Officer Suspended Over Graphic Web Site

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A police officer whose Web page on MySpace.com included images of dismembered women has been indefinitely suspended, authorities said.

Jeremiah Loves page on the social-networking site contained images and statements that could undermine public confidence in the police department, according to an internal affairs report. Love, 26, was suspended Tuesday.

Julia Vasquez, an assistant city attorney, said Love espoused a fondness for violence on the Web page that would hurt his testimony in criminal cases.

“These are comments that would make it difficult if he was trying to defend himself against a complaint regarding excessive force as an officer,” Vasquez said. “There may be no evidence of excessive force, but when someone looks at his site, the comments could be used against him in court.”

Source: AP

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