US schoolgirl investigated for Bush ‘threat’

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A 14-year-old US schoolgirl was quizzed by Secret Service agents after posting anti-George W. Bush comments on popular Internet chat room MySpace, a US newspaper reported.

Julia Wilson, described as a freckle-nosed adolescent who wears braces and has a love heart on her school backpack, was yanked out of a biology class at her school in Sacramento, California to answer agents’ questions.

The Sacramento Bee newspaper reported that she posted a cartoon photo collage of a knife stabbing
President George W. Bush’s hand beneath the words “Kill Bush” on MySpace, which is hugely popular amongst teens.

It was one of several images the teenager had used to decorate an anti-Bush page on the website — and prompted a visit to McClatchy High School by agents from the Secret Service and the Department of
Homeland Security.

Source: AFP


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