App Server Vendors Race To Embed Java EE 5 Support

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Java EE 5 aims to simplify development, but most shops aren’t using it yet because of lack of software support. Help is on the way: Many of the top application vendors expect to have compatible updates shipping by early next year.

Source: InformationWeek

Italy adopts Microsoft anti-child-porn technology

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Italy became the first European country to adopt a Microsoft system for combating child pornography on the Internet, something the government and the computer firm believe the whole continent is set to take up.

At a news conference on Monday, the Italian police’s special communications unit said the Child Exploitation Tracking System (CETS), which is already in use in Canada and Indonesia, will speed up its investigations into Web pornography by 80 percent.

Source: Yahoo

Intel Ships 5 Million Dual-Core Processors in 60 Days

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Intel Corp., the world’s top chip maker, shipped 5 million of its new dual-core processors in the first two months of its sales, amid signs of strong demand for laptop PCs this quarter, company executives said on Monday.

Intel reached the sales mark for its new Core 2 Duo chipsets, which use a pair of chips at their core, within the first 60 days of their going on sale on July 27, Thomas Kilroy, vice general manager of the digital enterprise group, said at a developers’ forum hosted by Intel in Taipei.

Intel gave the sales figure as other executives forecast a strong fourth quarter for notebook PCs, despite some concerns about possible shortfalls due to a string of recent recalls involving batteries from Sony Corp.

Source: eWeek

CNET launches TV Web site

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CNET Networks Inc. said on Monday it launched CNET TV, a Web site to broadcast video news and product review segments, as well as a partnership with Verizon Communications Inc. to distribute CNET’s video segments through on-demand television.

Source: Reuters

419 scammers launch shipping sites

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Nigerian 419 advance fee fraudsters operating from Amsterdam and Rotterdam have created copies of the websites of express transportation company DHL and Lufthansa Cargo. The idea is to lure victims into paying transportation and advance fees for used motorbikes and cars that are never delivered.

Just offer a used Suzuki Katana GSX-600 4500 or a BMZ Z3 Roadster at sites such as Car.com or Autotrader.com for next to nothing and buyers will respond. But often these cars are presently in Spain or another European country, the owner claims, so could the buyer please pay transportation costs? They then recommend the use of escrow services with slick websites that appear legit. Some fake escrows even warn you about internet fraud, or link to the Internet Fraud Complaint Centre.

Needless to say, the goods are never delivered.

Source: The Register

Lenovo Introduces Newly Secure ThinkPads

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ThinkPad notebooks from Chinese computer-maker Lenovo Ltd., which already let the user log on with a thumbprint instead of a password, will now allow users to encrypt their hard drives at the press of a finger.

The company planned to announce the new security technology on Monday.

The program works with Utimaco’s SafeGuard Easy software, which has received certification from the U.S. government for purchase by its agencies, according to Clain Anderson, director of the company’s ThinkVantage technologies.

To unauthorized users, the encrypted hard drive will appear to be meaningless information.

Source: AP

Toshiba: may seek damages from Sony for brand

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Toshiba Corp. said on Monday that it may seek compensation from Sony Corp for possible damage to its brand image and a loss of potential sales due to a recall of Sony-made batteries used in its laptops.

Source: Yahoo

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