Adobe releases beta of Flash for Linux

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Adobe on Wednesday released a beta of a Flash Player 9 for Linux and said that it is working on 64-bit editions of Flash.

The final Flash Player 9 on Linux is due early next year. According to an FAQ put out by Adobe, the Linux version will support the same features as Flash on Macintosh and Windows.

Source: News.com

Panasonic creates 100GB Blu-ray discs to last 100 years

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Panasonic has developed a 4-layer, 100GB Blu-ray disc that it claims will last for 100 years by using a tellurium suboxide palladium-doped phase-change recording film, called Te-O-Pd. The film has a high transmittance and crystallization rate which allows them to layer it on without losing data quality.

Each of the four layers in the disc has a 25GB storage capacity totaling up to 100GB and are capable of a 2x writing speed. Te-O-Pd is inorganic and not-very-soluble, so when the discs finally do get tossed in a century or so, they won’t toxify the Earth too much.

Source: arstechnica

ICANN Approves Domain for Asia-Pacific

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The Internet will soon have a domain to unify businesses and other users in the Asia-Pacific region. A key oversight agency has approved a “.asia” domain for Internet addresses, supplementing suffixes available for individual countries, such as “.cn” for China and “.jp” for Japan. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers earlier approved “.eu” for the European Union.

Made up of groups that run domain names for China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and other countries, the DotAsia Organization Ltd. plans to explore permitting domain names in Asian languages under “.asia.” ICANN also has been exploring allowing suffixes in other languages, too, though that will take time and is unaffected by Wednesday’s decision on “.asia.”

Source: AP

Windows XP SP3 delayed to 2008

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Windows XP Service Pack (SP 3), which Microsoft officials said in January to expect in the latter half of 2007, now has slipped into 2008.

Microsoft delivered the last service pack update for XP, Windows XP SP2 (which was actually more of a whole new version of Windows than it was a typical service pack) in August of 2004.

And that’s not all that’s slipping: Windows Server 2003 SP 2, until recently due out in the second half of 2006, is now slated for Q1 2007. Microsoft released SP1 for Windows Server 2003 in March, 2005.

Source: zdnet

Researchers launch Darwin archive online

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Charles Darwin’s work has evolved into cyberspace with the launch of an online archive on Thursday.

The creators of http://www.darwin-online.org.uk say that the archive is not yet complete, and manuscripts and other material will be added over the next two years. Much of the material comes from the Darwin Archive housed at Cambridge University.

“The idea is to make these important works as accessible as possible; some people can only get at Darwin that way,” said project director John van Wyhe, a researcher at Christ’s College, Cambridge. “Most of the materials provided are appearing online for the first time,” he added.

These include the first edition of the “Journal of Researches” (1839) (or “Voyage of the Beagle”), “The Descent of Man” (1871), “The Zoology of the Voyage of HMS Beagle” (1838-43) and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th editions of the “On the Origin of Species.

The site also includes manuscripts and notebooks.

AllofMP3 loses Visa, gives music away for free

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The AllofMP3.com soap opera takes another bizarre twist today with news that the site plans on giving its music away for free and supporting itself through advertising—just as Visa announces its intention to stop processing AllofMP3 payments.

The ad-supported model is exactly the sort of intriguing new initiative that one might announce in one’s first-ever press conference, but AllofMP3 said nothing about it. Odd—but the company is still new at this, finally deciding to mount a public defense of its activities after years of attacks from the IFPI and (more recently) the US Trade Representative.

Source: arstechnica

AMD profits, shipments up

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AMD has turned in a good Q3 with sales of $1.33bn and net income of $134m, or 27 cents a share. Processor shipments rose 18 per cent from Q2 and revenues climbed nine per cent from Q2 and, on a like-for-like basis, 32 per cent from Q3, 2005 (last year’s figures included the lossmaking memory business, since spun off).

AMD says this reflects strong performance in all brands, but gross margin fell from 56.8 per cent in Q2 to 51.4 per cent in Q3. The company reports record mobile processor and Opteron server processor sales and higher average selling prices in both categories, so blame for the margin decline lies with to lower desktop processor ASPs.

Source: The Register

First IE7 Security Flaw

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Only several hours have passed since Microsoft released the final version of Internet Explorer 7 , and the security web site secunia reports on a security flaw in the new browser.

A vulnerability has been discovered in Internet Explorer, which can be exploited by malicious people to disclose potentially sensitive information.

The vulnerability is caused due to an error in the handling of redirection for URLs with the “mhtml:” URI handler. This can be exploited to access documents served from another web site.

This means that if you are logged into your bank account or any other website hackers could retrieve confidential information from your bank.

Corel releases latest WinZip in beta

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On Thursday, Corel’s WinZip Computing division launched WinZip 11.0 beta, a test of the latest version of its popular zip-and-unzip software. New features include the ability to open BZ2 and RAR files, higher-quality compression for WAV sound files, and a new interface resembling Windows Explorer.

Source: News.com

Archos 604 WiFi Hits Stores Soon

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The Archos 604 WiFi multimedia system has begun shipping to retail stores and should start selling within the next two weeks, the company said Wednesday.

Designed with full file-sharing capabilities, the Archos 604 WiFi from Archos Technology Inc. offers a touch screen, about 4.5-inch display, and plenty of storage capacity for an entire library of pictures, movies and music. It can surf the Web and exchange data directly over the network.

Source: TechWeb

Apple profit up 27 pct., beating views

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Apple Computer Inc. quelled any concerns of slowing growth as fourth-quarter profits rose 27 percent, well beyond analyst expectations, on strong sales of its iPod and Macintosh computers.

For the quarter, Apple said Wednesday it shipped 8.7 million iPods, up 35 percent from the year-ago period. A good back-to-school season also helped Apple ship a record 1.6 million computers, up 30 percent from a year earlier, breaking its previous record of 1.38 million units in the first fiscal quarter of 2000.

The sizzling sales put Apple’s fiscal 2006 revenue at a record $19.3 billion, up from its previous all-time high of $13.9 billion last year.

Apple also ended its fiscal year with more than $10 billion in cash, up from more than $8 billion fiscal 2005.

Source: AP

HP passes Dell in world PC shipments

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Hewlett-Packard Co. supplanted Dell Inc. as the world leader in personal computer shipments during the third quarter, returning the bragging rights to Silicon Valley for the first time in nearly three years, according to figures released Wednesday by two influential research firms.

Both Gartner Inc. and IDC pegged the overall third-quarter growth of the global PC market at just under 7 percent, but that trend was overshadowed by the industry’s new pecking order.

The changing of the guard occurred after HP’s shipments climbed by 15 percent from a year ago while Dell’s edged up by less than 4 percent.

By Gartner’s measure, Palo Alto-based HP shipped 110,000 more PCs than Dell to give it a 16.3 percent share of the global market compared to 16.1 percent for its Round Rock, Texas-based rival.

Source: AP

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