Blockbuster ends lowest-priced online video plan

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Blockbuster Inc the No. 1 U.S. video rental store chain, has withdrawn its lowest online subscription price and is testing a program to allow Blockbuster Online subscribers to exchange DVDs at company stores as well as by mail.

Blockbuster, which has waged a price-cutting war against Netflix Inc and others, decided to end a test plan of $5.99-per-month online subscriptions that allowed customers two DVDs per month, one out at a time. It had touted the plan as matching the lowest-priced plan offered by Netflix.

Spokesman Randy Hargrove declined to give the reason for ending the plan.

Source: Reuters


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  1. kathy Says:

    The manager at my local Blockbuster told me the other day that beginning this coming Monday we would no longer mail our dvd’s back. He said that we would just bring them in and exchange them. I subscribed to an in-store plan a while back that was 24.00 a month and you had unlimited rentals, 3 out at a time. It wasn’t a bad deal, I just can’t watch thta many movies. It sounds like they’re just converting all the online members to that type of thing to me.

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