U.S., Russia host most Internet child abuse

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The United States and Russia host the bulk of the world’s child abuse Web sites, according to a British-based Internet monitoring group which identifies the UK as one of the countries with the best enforcement records.

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) reported on Tuesday that just over half (51 percent) of child abuse content was traced back to the United States and 20 percent to Russia.

This compared with just 0.2 percent of potentially illegal content that appears to be hosted in Britain, down from 18 percent in 1997.

Source: Reuters

Sony recalls 3.5 million more batteries

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Sony and the Consumer Product Safety Commission said late Monday that the company will recall nearly 3.5 million additional laptop computer batteries because of fire risks.

The new recall involves numerous models of batteries in some Sony, Gateway (GTW), Toshiba (TOSBF) and Fujitsu laptops. Consumers can check their PC-maker’s website or cpsc.gov.

Source: Yahoo

Google Unveils Tools for Search Engines

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Hoping to leave an even bigger imprint on the Internet, Google Inc. is opening up its vast online index so other Web sites can build their own specialty search engines.

The free service, unveiled late Monday, marks Google’s latest attempt to expand its lucrative online advertising network and extend its influence on how people navigate the Internet.

“Now people can get the power of Google search even when they’re not on Google.com,” said Shashi Seth, group product manager for the custom search engine.

Source: AP

Tip: Make Old extensions Work In Firefox 2

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When firefox gets updated some of the extensions gets disabled. The reason for that is that Firefox extensions need to define in what version of Firefox they work. But in many cases extensions authors don’t update their extension version, or it takes some time after a new version of Firefox is introduced until a new version of the extension is out.

Firefox by default disables extensions that do not match the version, although they can still work without problems.

The first thing that you can try is to use the Nightly Tester Tools extension.

This extension adds a few extras useful to those that regularly test nightly builds of Firefox and Thunderbird.


  • Allows you to force the application to believe an extension is compatible with the current version and enable it.
  • Allows copying the build identifier and a list of installed extensions to the clipboard.
  • Adds a toolbar button to let you insert the build identifier into the current text box (Not supported in the Application Suite).
  • Lets you customise the title bar to include the build identifier and other information.
  • Provides talkback integration allowing you to quickly view recent incidents as well as a sidebar that shows all incidents still on your machine (you may be surprised at just how many there are).
  • Adds a simple interface for parsing nspr log files for leaks.
  • Lets you take a screenshot of any open window and save it as an image, copy it to the clipboard or submit it to Imageshack (not yet fully functional in cairo builds).

If this does not work you can try to tell Firefox which versions of extension to work with by changing the browser’s settings

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