Universal Music cuts online prices for some albums

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Universal Music is slashing European download prices for some of its older albums, the first broad online cost-cutting move by any of the four major music companies.

The world’s largest seller of recorded music said on Monday that starting November 1 it would reduce the prices it charges online retailers for 1,500 albums ranging from The Who’s “Quadrophenia” to R.E.M.’s “Reckoning.”

The prices ultimately charged consumers will be determined by individual online services, Universal Music said, though a spokesman added that the response has been encouraging.

Broadly speaking, the albums in the programme, including ones from The Cure, Dusty Springfield and Buddy Holly, are expected to sell for about 6.99 euros ($8.89) and 5.49 pounds ($10.43), reduced from 9.99 euros ($12.70) and 7.99 pounds ($15.20), respectively.

Download pricing of singles, which has been a sticky subject between music companies and Apple Computer Inc. and its market leading iTunes music store, will not be affected.

Source: Yahoo


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