Microsoft backtracks on Vista transfer limits

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Reversing a licensing change announced two weeks ago, Microsoft said on Thursday that it will not limit the number of times that retail customers can transfer their Windows Vista license to a different computer.

On Oct. 16, Microsoft issued the new user license for Vista, including terms that would have limited the ability of those who buy a boxed copy of the operating system to transfer that license. Under the proposed terms, users could have made such a switch only one time.
However, the new restriction prompted an outcry among hardware enthusiasts and others. Microsoft is returning the licensing terms to basically what they were in Windows XP–users can transfer their license to a new PC an unlimited number of times, provided they uninstall and stop using it on the prior machine.

Source: ZDNet

AOL Launches Web-Based AIM APIs, Widgets

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America Online announced Nov. 2 the beta release of its Web-based AIM APIs and widgets, called AIM Whimsicals, which will allow users to add Web-based instant messaging functionality from the AIM service into their Web sites and online communities.

The new Web AIM APIs and Whimsicals are additions to AOL’s Open AIM program, which was launched in March of 2006 to let developers construct AIM plug-ins and AIM user interface applications and incorporate AIM’s presence into Web sites.

Stephen Benedict, principal product manager for AOL, based in Dulles, Va., told eWEEK in an interview that with the Web AIM APIs, “developers can easily create new compelling Web-based applications, services and mashups that incorporate AIM functionality and other opportunities to extend the AIM experience for users.”

Source: eWeek

Microsoft, Novell strike Linux agreements

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Microsoft Corp. and Novell Inc. said on Thursday they have struck an agreement to allow open-source Linux software to work with Microsoft’s Windows software.

Under the deals the companies said they will build, market and support a series of products and provide each others’ customers with patent coverage for their respective products.

Source: Reuters

Comedy Central Gives YouTube OK

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After demanding that YouTube remove all of its copyrighted videos last week, Comedy Central has given YouTube the okay to continue hosting video of its TV shows.

YouTube replaced the clips that were taken down last week after getting the green light from Viacom yesterday. Viacom, Comedy Central’s corporate owner, wrote a letter to YouTube last week demanding that the site remove any videos containing its copyrighted content, which includes the Daily Show, the Colbert Report and South Park.

Source: webpronews.com

iPod Owners Willing To Switch To Microsoft Zune

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Many prospective buyers of digital music players, including those who currently use Apple’s iPod, would be likely to choose Microsoft’s upcoming Zune player, a market research firm said Wednesday.

A survey of 1,725 U.S. teenagers and adults found that of those who planned to buy a digital music player in the next 12 months, 58 percent who owned iPods and 59 percent who owned some other brand were either “somewhat likely” or “extremely likely” to choose a Zune, ABI Research said.

Source: Yahoo

Vista gets official release dates

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Microsoft has set November 30 as the release date for Vista (and Office 2007) to business customers and January 30, 2007 as the date for the official launch to consumers and The World At Large.

Five years, three months and five days after Windows XP made its debut, Microsoft will usher its next-generation OS onto the stage.
APC has been advised by a very well placed source that January 30, 2007 is about to be announced as the official release date for Vista.

Source: APC Magazine

Dell Offers AMD-Based Notebook on Its Web Site

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It appears that Dell is ready to start offering an AMD-based notebook.

Although no formal announcement was made Nov. 1 by the PC maker, Dell’s Web site displayed the Inspiron 1501 notebook, offering customers a chance to order the notebook with Advanced Micro Devices’ Turion 64 X2 dual-core processors.

Dell also offers notebooks with AMD’s Sempron processor. Two of the Inspiron notebooks offer AMD’s Turion 64 MK-36 processor—a single-core chip that runs at 2.0GHz.

On its site, Dell tells its customers that the notebook can be upgraded from the MK-36 processor to the Turion 64 X2 dual-core TL-56 for $100 or the Turion 64 X2 dual-core TL-50 for $50.

Source: eWeek

Swiss TV-Over-Broadband Service Launched

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Switzerland’s dominant telecommunications company has launched a TV-over-broadband service that offers more than 100 television channels and more than 70 radio stations.

Swisscom said its existing high-speed Internet customers will be able to watch and record those stations through its $24-a-month Bluewin TV service. Video on demand will cost extra.

Source: AP

GameStop, Toys “R” Us To Launch Wii

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Nintendo Co. said on Thursday that it chose GameStop Corp. and Toys “R” Us as the U.S. retailers that will host the launch of its new Wii video game console, which goes on sale on November 19.

GameStop and Toys “R” Us have already taken Wii “pre-orders,” in which customers are able to reserve a console in advance of the official launch.

Source: Reuters

2 Sued for Downloading Over 1,000 Songs

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Patricia Santangelo wouldn’t concede in her fight with record companies that accused her of pirating songs over the Internet. Now the companies are hoping for an easier tussle against her kids.

Five record companies, represented by the Recording Industry Association of America, filed a lawsuit in federal court in White Plains on Wednesday against Santangelo’s son and daughter.

It said Michelle Santangelo, 20, has acknowledged downloading songs on the family computer and that her brother, Robert, 16, had been implicated in statements his best friend made. It accuses the two of downloading and distributing over 1,000 songs, including “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” by the Offspring, “MMMBop” by Hanson and “Beat It” by Michael Jackson.

Source: AP

Yahoo to Launch Web Site Devoted to Food

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With online competition for eyeballs intensifying, Web portal Yahoo Inc. is launching a new site devoted to food that will feature videos and other content from celebrity chefs such as Rachael Ray and Martha Stewart.

Yahoo Food is set to launch Thursday, the first major offering from the company’s Lifestyles group, based in Santa Monica.

“People are searching the Web and Yahoo every day for life’s biggest question - what’s for dinner?” said Deanna Brown, general manager of Yahoo Lifestyles.

Source: AP

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