Microsoft to Offer Shows on Xbox Live

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Microsoft Corp. has teamed up with a handful of Hollywood studios to sell TV shows and movies that can be downloaded through the software maker’s Xbox Live online video-game service and beamed straight onto television sets.

The company announced Monday that beginning Nov. 22, Xbox Live users with the latest console will be able to choose from shows including “South Park,” which airs on MTV’s Comedy Central, CBS Corp.’s “CSI,” and movies including Warner Bros.’ “V for Vendetta” and Paramount Pictures’ “Mission Impossible III.”

Source: AP

MS Virtual Earth - Now in 3D and With Billboards

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Microsoft is unveiling its integration of detailed 3D imagery into its Virtual Earth this afternoon (see Live.com). Users with Vista-ready Windows computers and IE 6 or 7 will be able to navigate through an aerial view of 15 select cities with enough detail to discern the texture of buildings and read clickable billboards from the likes of Fox, Nissan and John L. Scott Real Estate. Virtual Earth 3D is expected to expand to cover up to 100 cities around the world by the end of next summer.

Source: Techcrunch

5 Charged With Conspiracy To Export U.S. Defense Info To China

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Government prosecutors are preparing for a hearing next week in a case in which five family members are charged with conspiring to export U.S. defense information to China.

Chi Mak, 66, of Downey, Calif., was an engineer with Power Paragon, a Navy contractor. He allegedly collected technical information about U.S. warship technologies, and then he and his wife, Rebecca Laiwah Chiu, copied it onto CD-ROMs. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, another family member then allegedly encrypted the defense data in preparation for a “surreptitious delivery” to the People’s Republic of China.

A report from the DOJ contends that Chi Mak received ”task lists” that requested specific defense-related information, including information on Naval research into nuclear-powered submarines.

Source: InformationWeek

Google to beat TV in race for ad revenues

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Google is poised to overtake Britain’s main TV channels in the race for advertising revenue, underlining the internet’s challenge to traditional media.

The internet search company’s advertising revenue in the UK is expected this year to surpass Channel 4’s anticipated 2006 take of £800m. Within 18 months, it is forecast to overtake ITV1, Britain’s leading commercial TV channel and the country’s biggest single recipient of advertising revenue, according to Mindshare and Initiative, two top media buying groups.

Carat, another media buyer, believes the milestone could be passed as early as next year.

Source: FT.com

PayPal plans $20 rebates to users

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PayPal, the most popular online payment system, on Monday said it will pay up to $100 million in promotional incentives to customers who use the service on up to 100,000 merchant sites in North America.

In a statement, the unit of online marketplace eBay Inc. said millions of PayPal customers will be eligible to receive cash rebate offers up to $20 when paying with PayPal from November 23 through May 15, 2007.

Source: Reuters

Microsoft completes Office 2007

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Microsoft Corp. said on Monday it has completed the software code for its Office 2007 suite and will begin to offer the world’s most popular package of desktop software to corporate customers on November 30.

Microsoft will also make the new Windows Vista operating system and 2007 Exchange e-mail server available to business customers on the same day, and said all the products will become widely available to consumers in early 2007.

By announcing the Microsoft Office 2007 suite was ready for “release to manufacturing,” it signals that the product is relatively bug-free and suitable for wide distribution.

Source: Reuters

Google Targets Newspaper Advertising

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Google Inc. plans to start selling advertising space in 50 top newspapers, expanding the Internet search engine’s efforts to provide services off the Web and making it easier for companies advertising online to also show off their products in print.

A group of more than 100 Google advertisers will be able to place bids for space in newspapers owned by The New York Times Company, Gannett, the Tribune Company, the Washington Post Company and Hearst during a three-month test period, according to news reports.

Source: AP

Wikipedia Hijacked to Spread Malware

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Computer users are being warned against opening unsolicited mails after hackers took advantage of the popular Wikipedia encyclopedia in their attempt to spread malicious code.

Wikipedia allows anyone to create and modify articles, a policy of openness which has often been abused by mischief-makers in the past. Taking advantage of this fact, an article on the German edition of Wikipedia, de.wikipedia.org, was created by hackers claiming to include a link to a fix for a supposedly new version of the Blaster worm. However, the ‘fix’ was actually a piece of malicious code, designed to infect visitors’ PCs.

Hackers then spammed out an email to German computer users, claiming to come from Wikipedia, and directing them to information about the ‘new worm’.

“The good news is that the authorities at Wikipedia quickly identitifed and edited the article on their site,”

Source: Tech2.com

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