Allchin Backs Off Antivirus Remarks

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Outgoing Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin posted a blog entry Friday apologizing for the confusion surrounding comments he made to reporters Wednesday about being so confident in Windows Vista’s security that his seven-year-old son’s PC had no antivirus software installed.

As first reported by BetaNews, the remarks came in response to a question about his relative level of confidence that Vista would be more secure than Windows XP SP2. Allchin replied by explaining that Vista includes key security features that could not be added to XP, using his son as an example.

“My son, seven years old, runs Windows Vista, and, honestly, he doesn’t have an antivirus system on his machine. His machine is locked down with parental controls, he can’t download things unless it’s to the places that I’ve said that he could do, and I’m feeling totally confident about that,” Allchin said. “That is quite a statement. I couldn’t say that in Windows XP SP2.”

Source: BetaNews

Japanese brave the elements for Sony’s PS3

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Thousands of game fans queued for hours, braving Tokyo’s early morning chill and occasional showers, as Sony’s much-heralded and delayed PlayStation 3 game console went on sale on Saturday.

The PS3 is the latest entrant to the near $30 billion video game industry and will be fighting Microsoft’s Xbox 360, on sale for the past year, and Nintendo’s Wii, which will be in U.S. stores next week, for market share.

Source: Reuters

Site Pays Bloggers For Reviews Of Advertisers’ Products

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Reviewme.com is offering bloggers up to $250 for reviews of advertisers products or Web sites. And, as part of a promotional offer, the company set aside $25,000 to pay bloggers to review Reviewme.com itself.

“The $25,000 is almost used up, and we want to keep the promotion alive, so we’re probably going to extend it,” said Andy Hagans, president of ReviewMe,, on Friday.

The Web site launched on Thursday, and within 24 hours had lined up more than a thousand bloggers to review products in categories ranging from autos and books to real estate and sports, Hagans said.

Source: InformationWeek

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