Singapore teen faces 3 years’ jail for tapping into wireless Network

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A Singapore teenager has been charged with tapping into someone else’s wireless Internet connection, a crime that carries a penalty of up to three years in jail, a newspaper reported Saturday.

Garyl Tan Jia Luo, 17, is the first person to be charged with this crime under the Computer Misuse Act, the Straits Times reported.

The report said Tan is accused of using a laptop computer to gain unauthorized access to a home wireless network on May 13.

The newspaper said a neighbor had apparently lodged a complaint against Luo.

Source: International Herald Tribune

Singaporean is world’s fastest text messager

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A Singaporean student broke the Guinness World Record for the shortest time needed to type a 160-character SMS message on Sunday after whizzing through the task in less than 42 seconds in a competition.

Sixteen-year-old Ang Chuang Yang typed the SMS (short message service) message in 41.52 seconds, beating the previous record of 42.22 seconds set by American Ben Cook in July, according to Singapore Telecommunications, organizers of the competition.

Source: Reuters

Vista RTM cracked by pirates before release

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Well, so much for closing piracy loopholes! With Windows Vista and Office 2007 only just going Gold, and not even available to Microsoft beta testers, developers or volume licence subscribers, the first cracked versions have already hit the pirate boards.

The Windows version which has been released is called Vista BillGates. It doesn’t feature any activation cracks itself, and the supplied product key is just for the installation.

The activation crack is a separate download, and works by replacing the licensing components with components from beta builds. Then using a product key from Beta 1, Beta 2, RC1 or RC2, the Gold version of Vista can be activated online.

In this sense, it’s not a true crack – it’s simply leveraging off compatibilities between the betas and the Gold release. Vista still needs to be activated, and it looks like for the moment, there’s no way around that.

Source: APC Magazine

Microsoft Debuts MySpace-Like Site For Developers

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Microsoft has launched Aggreg8, a ’social networking and collaboration space for the IT community.’ Apparently, the owner of the popular open-source RSS reader of the same name sold the domains to Microsoft for $5000 in August in order to host what was then called ‘Microcosm.’ Microsoft hopes their new service, which utilizes Windows Live ID (formerly .NET Passport) authentication, will become a ‘MySpace-like forum for developers to share scripts, tools, or best practices, or even to just connect with others within the profession.’

Source: Slashdot

Sun to Open-Source Java Under GPL

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First, Sun Microsystems wouldn’t do it. Then Sun teased us with it. Now, on Nov. 13, Linux-Watch has learned that Sun will finally open-source its implementations of Java under the GNU GPL v2.

Sun will release the first pieces of source code for Sun’s implementation of JSE (Java Platform Standard Edition) and a buildable implementation of JME (Java Platform Micro Edition).

Sun will also be making JEE (Java Platform Enterprise Edition) available under the GNU GPL v2 (General Public License version two).

Source: eWeek

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