Mozilla Claims Early Win in Browser Phishfight

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A new study sanctioned by Mozilla declares Firefox 2 as a big winner over Microsoft’s IE 7 in the battle to block ID theft scam sites, but weaknesses in both browsers confirm that the battle against phishing has only just begun.

The open-source group on Nov. 14 released results of a third-party test that showed the embedded phishing protection in Firefox 2 was significantly more effective at flagging phishing attacks than IE 7 (final release).

Using 1,040 verified phishing sites from the PhishTank community portal, the study found that Firefox 2’s local blacklist feature blocked about 79 percent of the malicious sites from loading.

By comparison, IE 7’s whitelist-based Auto Check OFF blocked only 16 attacks, or less than 2 percent.

The study, conducted over a two-week period by software services and testing company SmartWare, also gave a victory to Firefox 2 in the Ask Google option, which does a real-time check against a list of suspect sites provided by Google.

Firefox 2 with Ask Google blocked 848 of the 1,040 malicious sites. By comparison, Microsoft’s Auto Check ON feature only flagged 66 percent, or 690 sites, as identity theft threats.

Source: eWeek


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