Novell to support Microsoft’s Office Open XML format

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Microsoft and Novell have announced that Novell will be providing support for the Office Open XML format—the default file format for Microsoft Office 2007—in its Novell-branded version of the open-source OpenOffice.org productivity suite. Novell will release a translator that will provide support for Microsoft Word by the end of January 2007, with translators for Excel and PowerPoint to follow.

The translators will be bidirectional: OpenOffice.org users will be able to read from and save to Office Open XML documents. At first, the translators will be made available as plug-ins for Novell’s branded OpenOffice.org, but the Linux vendor says it will release the source code and submit it for inclusion in the OpenOffice.org product.

Source: arstechnica

McAfee Announces 2007 Windows Vista Compatible Products

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McAfee, Inc. today announced McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5 and McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.5 support for Microsoft Windows Vista, to provide customers with advanced, proactive protection from viruses, worms, spyware, adware, rootkits, hacker attacks and exploits. The updated products go beyond simply offering protection via a database of signatures, using advanced technology that protects systems from both known and unknown threats.

“McAfee is committed to supporting its customers with Windows Vista compatibility,” said Rees Johnson, vice president of product management, McAfee, Inc. “The ever-changing threat environment is a real issue for our customers. McAfee VirusScan Enterprise and McAfee AntiSpyware Enterprise provide our business users with a more effective way to minimize risks from security threats.”

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TiVoToGo DRM cracked

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Megazone over at TiVo Lovers is reporting that someone’s cracTiVoked the DRM on TiVoToGo, letting you export recorded programs from a TiVo for viewing on any device.

There’s a command line program running in C that strips DRM, and a Wiki with a history of the project so far and updates on the development.

Source: PVR Wire

Microsoft Unveils ‘Flash Killer’

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Microsoft has announced an integrated suite of tools for designers, as well as a new preview of the company’s “Flash killer” technology, putting Microsoft squarely into competition with Adobe.

Microsoft on Dec. 4 announced its Expression Studio suite of tools for designers, consisting of four tools—three of which had been introduced heretofore and a new tool stemming from an acquisition the Redmond, Wash., company made last summer. In addition, Microsoft announced a new CTP (Community Technology Preview) of its WPF/E (Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere) technology.

The Microsoft Expression Studio consists of Expression Web (formerly known by the code name Quartz); Expression Blend, the new name for Microsoft Interactive Designer (formerly known by the code name Sparkle); Expression Design, the new name for Expression Graphic Designer (formerly known by the code name Acrylic); and a new tool, Expression Media.

Source: Yahoo

Symantec customers stranded by renewals glitch

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Symantec’s integration with Veritas in the UK has run into computer problems, leaving many Symantec customers unable to renew their corporate anti-virus licenses and large numbers of computers unprotected.

An adviser working for PCWorld Business’ national licensing department told us the problem is widespread.

“It is affecting loads of our customers - from GPs right through to our government customers,” he said.

He said he understood that Symantec shut down its computer systems for a refit - part of its integration with Veritas - but that there had been no backup made. Upon rebooting, he said, more problems surfaced, as well as a backlog of orders and all the new orders that were still coming in.

Source: The Register

Vista launch more whimper than bang for businesses

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Thursday was finally windows Vista launch day. But though banners were flying in downtown Manhattan on the big day, celebrating the launch of Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007, CEO Steve Ballmer made it clear that the company is anxious to move on, while business customers pegged for Vista adoption wondered whether there was really much to celebrate.

“There’s a bunch of work we still need to do,? Ballmer said of the next Windows client OS. Supporting the shift from single-core to multicore chips and improvements in network infrastructure are priorities. Microsoft also wants to add more features to meet the needs of IT administrators, software developers and end-users. “How we do software plus service within Windows is going to continue to be a big theme,? Ballmer said.

Enterprise customers were wary.

“Sure it’s a big day for Microsoft, but what are we really getting?? asks Paul Lindo, an independent New York IT consultant. “With all the delays and features being dropped, this looks to me like it might just be Windows XP with a prettier face.?

Source: Yahoo

Ask.com to launch City service

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Ask.com’s search engine is sharpening its focus on local results in an attempt to make a bigger splash on the World Wide Web.

The long-overshadowed company is hoping to finally outshine much-larger rivals Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp. with a new service meant to become a one-stop destination for information about neighborhood events, movies, restaurants and other businesses. The service, dubbed “AskCity,” is scheduled to debut Monday.

Source: AP

CNBC to relaunch Web site, focus on video

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Top U.S. business news cable network CNBC said it plans to relaunch on Monday its Web site with a focus on adding more video and investors tools.

The Web site of the network owned by General Electric.’s NBC Universal has been controlled by Microsoft Corp since 2001 and critics have said it was little more than an afterthought for the powerhouse cable television network.

The relaunch aims to bridge the gap between its traditional television operations and new media division, a trend that has swept across a media industry seeking to court consumers. These new consumers are as likely to be informed by watching TV as they are by surfing the Internet and wireless devices.

Source: Reuters

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