New site offers zero-day tracker

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eEye Digital Security on Tuesday launched a Web site that tracks publicly released security bugs that don’t have an official patch, or tracks zero-day vulnerabilities.

The new eEye Zero-Day Tracker Web site on Tuesday listed seven zero-day vulnerabilities, six of which affect Microsoft software and one related to Adobe Systems’ Acrobat. For each of the problems, eEye suggests steps people can take to protect against exploitation of the flaws.

“More zero-day security vulnerabilities and attacks are being discovered every day,” Marc Maiffret, eEye’s chief technology officer, said in a statement. “We’ve been overwhelmed by requests from our customers to give them the information and time they need to protect their networks.”

Source: News.com

Hackers Attack Naval War College Network

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Hackers attacked the computer network at the Naval War College in Newport, taking down the school’s network for more than two weeks, including some e-mail services and the college’s Web site.

The Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command in Norfolk, Va., detected the intrusion around Nov. 16 and took the system offline, spokesman Lt. Cmdr. Doug Gabos said. He said the unclassified network was used by students.

Military spokesmen would not give an estimate on when the school’s Web site, http://www.nwc.navy.mil , will be back up.

Source: AP

Blockbuster gives free rentals to Netflix clients

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Blockbuster Inc, the No. 1 U.S. movie rental company, began offering free in-store rentals to subscribers of online rival Netflix Inc. on Tuesday as it tries to take market share from Netflix and reach its year-end subscriber goal.

Netflix subscribers can get one free rental at Blockbuster stores for each address label they bring in from their Netflix mailing envelopes.

The offer to Netflix subscribers, which runs until December 21, comes after Blockbuster began allowing subscribers to its own online rental service to swap DVDs they received in the mail at Blockbuster stores.

Source: Reuters

Teen shot dead by police over stolen PS3

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An 18-year-old North Carolina man, suspected of stealing two PlayStation 3 consoles, was shot dead by police executing a search warrant at his residence.

Peyton Strickland was gunned down in his house by deputies as he answered the door, the Wilmington Star News reports.

. He was unarmed, according to witnesses. University of North Carolina police had investigated the alleged robbery, and asked the Hanover County Sheriff’s Department to assist in serving the warrant. It was a sheriff’s deputy, not a university officer, who killed the young man. The trigger-happy deputy also shot dead Strickland’s dog for good measure.

Strickland is suspected of robbing a university student of two PS3 consoles on 17 November, when they first became available.

Source: The Register

Toshiba Breaks 100-Gbyte, 1.8-Inch Hard-Drive Barrier

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Users of mobile PCs and PDAs will be able to store more music, video, and other files now that Toshiba has broken the 100-Gbyte barrier for 1.8-inch hard drives. The firm’s new MK1011GAH device uses perpendicular magnetic recording technology to achieve the high-density product.

Source: InformationWeek

AMD: New Chips Consume Half the Power of Core 2 Duo

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AMD announced its entry into the 65-nm manufacturing generation Tuesday with a new line of 65-watt “energy-efficient” processors that the company claimed already consumes just under 50 percent less power than the Intel Core 2 Duo.

AMD’s novel argument provided a backdrop for four new chips – the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000 , 4400 , 4800 , and 5000 – will be sold for the same price as their older counterparts, which were fabricated on the 90-nm process. The Athlon 64 X2 line will receive the 65-nm conversion treatment first, which will be completed by the first quarter of 2007 in its Fab 36 in Dresden.

Source: extremetech

MySpace to offer technology to block sex offenders

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News Corp.’s MySpace said on Tuesday it will offer in the next 30 days a technology to identify and block convicted sex offenders from the popular online social network.

The top online social network, which has a large following of teens attracted to its music and entertainment offerings, has also been used by adults seeking sex with underage Internet users.

The personal safety of its users while online and the protection of entertainment copyrights are viewed as two of the biggest threats to MySpace’s ability to make money in the future, analysts say.
be available in the next 30 days.

Source: Reuters

Half of American Business PCs Can’t Run Vista

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About half of the average business PCs in North America are unable to meet the minimum requirements for Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, while 94 percent do not meet the system requirements for Vista Premium.

Within these figures, 41 percent and 78 percent, respectively, require RAM upgrades to meet the minimum and premium system requirements of Vista, says a new study by Softchoice Research, which is expected to be released later this week.

In comparison, when Windows XP was released, some 71 percent of the PCs met its system requirements, Softchoice services consultant Dean Williams said in an executive summary of the report.

Source: eWeek

Film pirate gets seven years

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A man convicted of recording films using a camcorder in cinemas has been sentenced in the US to seven years in jail. The man was the first to be charged in a nationwide campaign against video piracy.

“It is hoped the sentence will deter further unlawful conduct and protect the public,” the judge in the case, Dean Pregerson, said.
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Johnny Ray Gasca was found guilty in 2005 of copyright infringement. He was also convicted of using a fake social security number and of fleeing his lawyer’s custody while awaiting trial. He represented himself in his trial, which lasted a week.

Source: The Register

Microsoft looking to run Windows on OLPC

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Microsoft wants to make its Windows operating system available on the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) notebook computers, OLPC chairman Nicholas Negroponte said at the NetEvents conference in Hong Kong on Saturday.

“We put in an SD slot in the machine just for Bill. We didn’t need it but the OLPC machines are at Microsoft right now, getting Windows put on them.”

The SD slots allow users to add additional storage capacity to the laptops. Additional memory would be required for Windows to run on the current OLPC XO test models because they ship with only 512Mb of built in Flash memory.

The system requirements for Windows XP demand a minimum of 1.5Gb of storage space for both the Home and low cost Starter Edition that Microsoft targets at developing nations.

Microsoft’s testing of Windows on the OLPC computers marks a major shift in the strategy for the project, which was designed to run a set of open source applications including an adapted version of Red Hat’s Fedora Linux distribution.

Source: vnunet.com

Bogus anti-spyware firm fined $1m

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A firm accused of marketing bogus anti-spyware software has paid $1m to settle a lawsuit brought by the US State of Washington.

New York-based Secure Computer (not to be confused with legitimate security firm Secure Computing) is accused of using spamming and pop-ups in an aggressive and allegedly deceitful marketing campaign designed to promote sales of a product called Spyware Cleaner.
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The case against Secure Computer followed complaints that the firm and its marketing associates were punting software that falsely claimed computers were infected with spyware, before using scare tactics to push them into shelling out $50 for a product that did more harm than good.

Source: The Register

Britney Spears tops Yahoo’s searches

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Bereft of any new music to promote, Britney Spears was nevertheless the hottest thing on the Internet this year, judging from Yahoo’s annual list of popular search terms.

Of course, a surge in online voyeurs seeking recently posted pictures of Britney sans panties didn’t hurt. But a Yahoo spokeswoman said “Britney” had the title of No. 1 search term sewn up even before the risque photos surfaced.

That’s because the pop star generally draws about equal numbers of male and female Internet surfers hungry for all things Britney, Yahoo’s Cathi Early said.

Following Spears were a couple of newcomers to Yahoo’s Top 10 list: World Wrestling Entertainment and Shakira.

Source: Reuters

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