UPS Employees Stole $19,000 Worth of PS3s

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A trio of UPS employees have been arrested for stealing more than $19,000 worth of the systems from the delivery companys Elmwood distribution center, according to Jefferson Parish Sheriffs Office incident and arrest reports. Sean Weber, 25, of Harvey, Norbert Joseph, 37, of Picayune, Miss., and Jasel Bolden, 29, of Gretna were booked with theft valued at more than $500.

The men worked nights at UPS and shipped at least 20 of the PlayStation 3 units and 24 wireless video game controllers to their day job at Andrews Sport Company Inc. in Jefferson, using pilfered mailing labels, the arrest report said.

Source: nola

Wikipedia Founder Plans Search Engine to Rival Google

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The founder of the vastly popular Web encyclopedia Wikipedia is planning on developing Wikiasari, an Internet search engine which will compete with Yahoo and Google. In an interview with The Times of London, Jimmy Wales mentioned that his web site search engine will utilize the same user-based technology that Wikipedia uses.

Feeling that Google’s computer-based algorithmic searches can be sometimes easily manipulated, Wikiasari hopes that user-based human judgment will be significantly better. Because spammers and commercial ventures are learning and adapting to be able to manipulate Google’s search methods, Wikiasari may have a viable alternative search method.

Source: DailyTech

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