Google Confirms Gmail Glitch

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Google revealed a glitch in what may be its second-most successful service, ranking only behind search.

The company confirmed Friday that some users of Gmail, its popular email service, had their email accounts wiped out, with messages and contact information being permanently deleted.

The glitch affected about 60 users, who “lost some or all of their email received prior to Dec. 18,” Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne wrote in a prepared statement. “We have extensive safeguards in place to protect email stored with Gmail and we are confident that this is a small and isolated incident.”

Source: thestreet.com

Looking Beyond Vista to Fiji and Vienna

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As we all know that Microsoft Vista was originally scheduled to be released in 2003, after two years of Windows XP, but it got delayed by over five years due to various reasons. Definitely, Vista is very very improved OS over the previous versions, but the delayed in the launch has cost Microsoft, billions of dollars.

Now the question at the moment is, what exactly after Vista? Microsoft can’t afford to wait another five years for an operating system. People are becoming more aware of the choices they have, and Linux is no longer a hobbyist OS, and that day isn’t far away when it becomes simple enough to be a viable alternative to Windows. The competition is fierce. That is why, to stay at the top, Microsoft has planned a ‘Vista R2′, codenamed ‘Fiji’ which will be released some time in 2008. And after Fiji, there will be Windows ‘Vienna’. Windows Fiji, will not be a totally different OS from Vista; but it will be an add-on. Whereas Vienna will be totally different from Vista.

Source: Slashdot

Microsoft Claims Vista’s Aero Interface Doesn’t Slow PCs

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Running Windows Vista’s new Aero graphical interface doesn’t impact PC performance, a study sponsored by Microsoft claims.

According to speed measurements of more than 60 common business chores, which were conducted by North Carolina-based Principled Technologies for Microsoft, using the Aero interface “had little or no negative effect on Windows Vista’s performance.”

Matt Ayers, a program manager with the Windows Client Performance team, touted the results on the group’s blog. “We put quite a bit of effort into making sure that the new visuals were as efficient as possible, and it really paid off,” he wrote. “You can run Aero without guilt!”

Source: InformationWeek

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