New Video Search Engine For Video Sharing Sites

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Have you ever looked for a video clip but didn’t know if the clip is on YouTube, MetaCafe, Google video or other video sharing site?

VidLookup.com comes to solve exactly this problem. VidLookup.com is a customized Google search engine that searches for video clips on many video sharing sites, thus help you find quickly the video you are looking for without you having to go and search on each site.

Right now the site searches about 30 video sharing web sites from around the web, so if you can’t find your favorite site you can suggest that site to be included in the search engine.

So next time that you want to find which site has the latest Paris Hilton clip just use VidLookup and it will search all of them.


4 Responses to “New Video Search Engine For Video Sharing Sites”

  1. acura cold air intake Says:

    i was never familiar with VidLookup.com… so thanks for the info..

  2. jason Says:

    im looking for a file sharing software that is compatitable to my sprint htc mogul can u suggest such a software

  3. egon Says:

    oh! thanks for the info

  4. Junior Says:

    Thanks for sharing! I will try to use this VidLookup site….


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